Building a mashup

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Building a mashup


Build a mashup in 7 steps from the choice of the pieces to the publication and promotion of the mashup.

We will make 3 different ones. Thus we will approach different techniques.

The choice of pieces

To start a mashup you have to choose the pieces to include for a coherent result.

We will choose the pieces whether they are of similar or different musical genre.

Then see what the possibilities are and what limits should not be exceeded.

Selection of the parts to be edited

Then editing of these pieces to keep only the desired parts. It is necessary to respect the length of the cycles and the type of cycle. For this we will balance the cycle parts.

Gain, tempo and tone settings

Then we will proceed to the adjustments of the gains to have no difference in volume between each of the pieces. In order to associate the pieces as in a mix. Moreover we will adapt the tempo according to the result to obtain.

As well as the earnings, we will adjust the tone so that the pieces become one. So we will see the principle of harmonic mixing.

The registration

Thus, we will make the recording. And depending on the result, we will correct the edited parts or the sound settings. In order to reduce the differences of compression between the pieces, we will adjust the loudness, to increase the RMS db.

Also it will be possible for you to replay your mashup live by covering the original songs.

Editing the synchronized video clip

To bring the MashupIn this course, we will create a video clip synchronized with the audio. Video editing and application of effects and transitions are included.

The cover

Next we will see how to create an attractive cover for your mash-up. Where to find images and how to associate this image with the mashup. Your DJ name will be included.

Publication and promotion

Finally we will review on which platform you should publish your mashup. The goal is to be seen as much as possible. After the publication, we will see the distribution to promote your mashup.

Language: French

    What will I learn?

    Create a Mashup with or without DAW

    Reproduce your Mashup in Live


    Basics of DJ mixing

    Target audience

    Mix DJ publishing his DJ sets

    DJ wishing to promote his DJ name

    Create your cover and video clip

    10Lessons 3h38


    Welcome to the mashup construction
    Before starting the mashup 00:11:06

    Building the first mashup 00:30:13
    Construction of the second mashup 00:33:54
    Building the third mashup 00:40:12

    The making of the clip 00:39:42
    Analysis of the video clip 00:4:57

    Realization of the cover 00:17:28
    Creation of a cover with a frame of the clip 00:11:10
    The publication of the mashup 00:3:57

    Before starting the mashup

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