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Scratch Q&A (freestyle)

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Scratch Q&A:

Scratch Q&A training: Learn to scratch requires a combination of knowledge, training, and listening. So, there is no shortcut like any other discipline, you need technique and training. So, practice with the Scratch Q&A.

1 Q&A Part 1

2 Q&A Part 2

3 Q&A Part 3

4 Q&A Part 4

5 Q&A Part 5

6 Q&A Part 6

7 Q&A Part 7

8 Q&A Part 8

9 Q&A Part 9

10 Q&A Part 10

11 Q&A Part 11

12 Q&A Part 12

13 Q&A Part 13

14 Q&A Part 14

15 Q&A Part 15

16 Q&A Part 16

17 Q&A Part 17

18 Q&A Part 18

19 Q&A Part 19

20 Q&A Backward Scratch

21 Q&A 3 click flare

The scratch (or scratching) is a process that consists of manually changing the reading speed of a vinyl record under a read head from vinyl turntable. Thus, alternately forward and backward, so as to produce a special effect, the sound becomes higher when accelerated and lower when slowed down. In addition to this manipulation of the vinyl, a modification of the volume (increase, decrease or cut) allows to give a rhythm to this modulation.

Therefore, the hand on the vinyl controls the height of the sound (high or low). The hand located on the crossfader of the mixer controls the rhythm of the sound, while the other hand does not. Thus, there are many different techniques of scratch, In any case it is a discipline still in full evolution. Also several different techniques associated are called "Combos". In this way these combos bring the DJ to constantly evolve this practice.

The beginnings of Scratch:

Let's start with the first popular scratch track is called The Adventures of the Wheels of Steel from Grandmaster Flash (1981). It is thus this title which made discover the scratch from Grand Wizzard Theodore to the general public is Rock It from Herbie Hancock (1983) with Grandmixer DST at the turntables. Also a passage that is very often used for scratching is the phrase " This stuff is really fresh "at the end of the piece Change the Beat of "Fab Five Freddy" and the singer "Beside".

In conclusion, you will progress with Scratch Q&A, Scratch training and learning new techniques.

Finally, here is the equipment you need: A direct drive (magnetic) turntable, not a belt-driven turntable. Note that the brands Technics, Vestax, Numark, Stanton and Reloop are recommended. Also a Scratch-type mixer (adjustable crossfader curve). As well as a direct drive turntable including "crossfader and fader" (Vestax QFO).


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