Serato DJ Pro Beginner Training


Duration : 3H19


Learn to mix with Serato DJ Pro, the DJ software used by DJ-ing pros! To learn Serato DJ Pro quickly and without wasting time, get trained in Serato. This course will teach you all the features you need to mix like a pro.

Then use Serato's sticker lock and anti-drift to make your mixes even more precise. Discover Serato DJ Pro's practice mode, then mix without an external sound card.

So it's with Serato DJ, Serato DJ Pro and the Rane Sixty Two table as controller, that the demonstrations will be carried out.

Use Serato Video to play your video clips and personalized images and messages to the beat of the music.

Get your turntables or controllers ready with this course to learn Serato DJ Pro and get started today!

Downloadable training


To begin with, the handling

1/ Composition of the software

1.1 General view 6:07

1.2 First settings 5:48

1.3 Practice mode 9:44

Then the control of your decks

2 / Functions per virtual board

2.1 The absolute mode 3:08

2.2 The relative and internal modes 4:11

2.3 Cue points and hot cues (internal mode) 8:52

2.4 Cue point with controller (relative mode) 2:46

2.5 Manual loops 10:35

2.6 Manual loops with controller (relative mode) 3:05

2.7 Automatic loops 6:07

2.8 Censor 3:23

2.9 Key lock (master tempo) 4:32

2.10 Auto play 2:41

2.11 Repeat 1:36

Then the management of your music

3 / Library 

3.1 Research 6:50

3.2 Crate 2:24

3.3 Smart Crates 4:37

3.4 5:10 Files

3.5 Navigate 2:06

3.6 Preparing 3:40

3.7 History 10:32

Also add effects

4 / FX 

4.1 Effect selection and number of effects 5:52

4.2 Effect action selection 3:27

4.3 Dry, wet, other parameters and special effects library 7:19

Then record your mixes

5 / Registration 

5.1 Source selection 1:56

5.2 File destination and 1:23 format

5.3 Setting the recording gain 1:34

5.4 Saving the file 3:39

Finally, set your Serato to your preference

6 / Control Panel 

6.1 DJ Preferences 9:17

6.2 Audio 2:29

6.3 CD / vinyl 7:27

6.4 Library + display 7:32

6.5 Performance benchmark displays

6.6 Mixer, FX, Midi, 5:04 expansion pack

6.7 Mode without sound card 4:54

6.8 Keyboard shortcuts 24:06

    What will I learn?

    Getting Started Quickly with Serato

    Understand the reading modes

      Manage effects

    Create your recordings

    Configure all settings


    The latest version of Serato is recommended for this course. A dedicated Serato controller will be preferred but you can control Serato from any MIDI controller (explained in the course).

    Target audience

    For DJ's who want to mix with Serato

    Serato DJ Pro : Turntable Calibration


    Serato DJ Pro : Beat jump


    Serato DJ Pro : Slip mode in relative


    Serato DJ Pro : Flip


    Serato Video: Configuration


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