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About Course

Learn to mix with the Mix class

Learning to mix for passion or to become a professional DJ can be a long process if you don't apply the right strategies to get there.

If you want to learn today and at your own pace this course is for you.

Mix DJ Class is aimed at the whole beginner as well as for those who want to improve their mix DJ.  

The Mix DJ Class will allow you to learn to mix quickly, and to create your own recordings. You will be able to promote your mix and your services in order to obtain contracts.

Whatever your musical style (EDM, hip hop, trap, dubstep, reggae, etc.) you can learn to mix your favorite tracks. Of course, you need to have the equipment to mix beforehand. You will need at least two turntables and a mixer, or a DJ controller and a DJ software (RekordBox, Traktor, Serato) 

Whether you have vinyl decks, CD decks, or a more software-based controller such as Djuced, Deckadance, Virtual DJ, Traktor or Serato, in the Mix DJ Class you will learn how to mix.

The mixing techniques are as well for controller, CD decks or vinyl decks.

There is no difference in the pure technique and don't be afraid to see me only with vinyl decks.

The only difference is in the touch (jog vs vinyl), but the sound result is the same.

Just like the difference between controller and turntables + mixer, there is no problem to apply these techniques.

For progress rapidly, it will simply be necessary to apply in order and step by step the method to achieve it.

After some serious work, you will be an expert in DJ-ing.

Your creativity will grow, and find your originality as a DJ.

Here's what you'll learn and the results:

Sound acoustics, connection and connectivity : You will learn how to connect your equipment, the different types of cabling (symmetrical/asymmetrical), the standards of audio formats, and the sound level in db. Result: You will be able to work on your own equipment or on any other type of equipment, and understand the transit of the electrical signal which is the sound.

The configuration of the DJ equipment : You will learn the main and more advanced functions of DJ hardware and DJ mixing software. Bottom line: Once you've mastered all of these functions, you'll be able to increase your creativity.

Mix Theory: You will learn beats, measures, cycles, tonality, and musical structure. Result: Depending on the style of music, you will be able to determine when and how to make your segues, transitions.

Mixing Technique: You will learn: the tempo mix, the cut, the chaining with effect, the a cappella mix and the harmonic mix. Equalization and sound levels to respect. The difference in mixing by musical style. Result: You will be able to achieve perfect, fluid and non-confrontational sequences between your songs.

Audio recording and editing: You will learn: Analog recording. Digital recording via DVS. Digital recording via DAW. Result: You will record in an optimal way and will be able to improve the final mix for a better rendering, and to export it.

The Mix DJ Class

The training takes place on an online platform with your personal space.

Login and password sent by e-mail after ordering.

You will progress, chapter by chapter in the modules that make up the training.

Downloadable audio files will allow you to practice.

Tools such as software to improve your mixes will be offered.

All our sites are secured in HTTPS.

Language: French

1080p HD videos


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    What Will You Learn?

    • To be mixed with all types of material
    • Types of cables and connections
    • Audio signal transit (anomaly detection)
    • The functioning of vinyl CD players and mixers
    • The musical structure
    • The different types of mix
    • Gain control, compression level
    • Use of effects
    • Multi-track recording

    Course Content


    • Welcome to the Mix DJ Class
    • Introduction

    Sound acoustics and connectivity

    DJ hardware configuration

    Mix theory

    Mixing techniques

    The new harmonic wheel

    Audio recording and editing

    The software

    Playlists by musical theme

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    4 years ago
    Super it's my wildest dream to mix this magic what you do.