Ableton Live training

Ableton Live training: Whether you are a DJ or an electronic music composer.

Ableton Live is the production tool to use like a professional.


One month offered without commitment with a subscription!

Learn to produce music with Ableton Live training


Discover the world of the Ableton Live digital studio


Understand the structure of Ableton Live with the session and arrangement view


Create your own audio and MIDI clips, compose with instruments, effects and automations


Finalize your composition and export your project as a digital quality audio file

Ableton Live training: Learn how to use Ableton Live, session and arrangement modes, clip creation, the mixer, instruments, effects, different recording methods, exporting your master files, and setting parameters.

Ableton Live

ableton live training
ableton live course
ableton live à la carte training

The Ableton Live training will allow you to create your music from the easiest to use sequencer, Live fromAbleton. After having seen the different tracks, audio, midi, return and group of tracks, you learn how to record your audio or MIDI clips.

Compose from the arrangement view or improvise without time constraints in the session view. Use any audio sample, change its speed, pitch, length or playback direction, to create your own sounds and melodies. Load Live instruments, synthesizers, samplers or drum racks to invent beats and layers.

Learn how to use automations to vary mixer, instrument or effect settings. Mix tracks, apply effects, and export your work to create your final audio file. After completing each of these courses, you will have mastered Live from Ableton as a producer of electronic music nowadays.

As a bonus, 5.47 GB of samples will allow you to start your productions instantly.

Take advantage of the free 30-day no obligation subscription!

Video format: HD 1080p

Training time: 24 hours

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of computer music, Ableton Live software, a computer and an internet connection.

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