Sylenth 1 Tutorial

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Duration : 2H28


Sylenth 1 Tutorial

The sylenth 1 tutorial to download, to learn how the famous Lennar digital synthesizer works.

How to get started

To begin with, you will discover the general interface of this plugin (VSTI).

We will see the whole menu with banks and presets, appearance modification, and default settings.

Then the settings of each oscillator and their waveforms, and their number of voices.

Then we'll cover oscillator envelopes to create all kinds of sounds. Attack, delay, hold, and release settings will be no longer a secret for you.

In addition to this, we will review the two analog filter sections. Each consisting of 4 filter stages with built-in non-linear saturation.

The sylenth 1 tutorial to download goes through the use of the 8 effects incorporated in the synthesizer. You will be able to adjust each of these effects to obtain the sounds you are looking for.

For the design of more advanced sounds, we will develop the operation of modulation envelopes. You will see that the possibilities are almost endless.

Moreover, the 2 LFOs will allow you to modulate a complete set of different parameters. Your sounds will be even more personalized.

Finally, it is possible to use 2 additional amplitude envelopes. Moreover, the velocity, the keytrack or the modulation wheel are additional sources of modulation.

In conclusion this sylenth 1 tutorial to download will allow you to create your own preset, with a course dedicated to the design of a sound.

Create your own presets

From a simple bass using only one oscillator, to presets using all the functions of the synthesizer.

This tutorial offers more than 300 preset folders ready to use (to download), for more than 10000 presets in total!

Finally, Sylenth 1 is a virtual analog synthesizer that pushes the limits in terms of quality and performance. Until now, very few software synthesizers could compete with hardware synthesizers in terms of sound quality. Sylenth 1 can.

Sylenth 1 is not just another synthesizer. It has been designed both with the aim of music production and live performance to generate a sound of superior quality and musicality. Extensive research has been conducted to achieve unprecedented warmth and clarity of tone.

Finally, its graphical interface ensures great flexibility allowing your creativity to express itself without hindrance.

    What will I learn?

    Understand the principle of subtractive synthesis

    Use all parameters


    The Sylenth 1 plugin (recommended license)

    A virtual studio host such as Cubase, FL Studio, Logic Pro, Reason, Ableton Live etc

    Target audience

    Electronic music composer

    Create your own preset

    Include the synthesizer in your productions

    This material includes

    More than 10000 Sylenth presets

    22Lessons 2h28


    Presentation of the Synthesizer Silenth 1 00:2:31
    Sylenth 1 menu 00:3:50
    List of presets 00:1:36
    The blender 00:1:01

    The oscillators 00:8:17
    Oscillator envelopes 00:2:58

    Filters A and B 00:7:09

    The effects : Arpeg 00:14:27
    Effects: Distortion 00:2:42
    Effects: Phaser 00:4:02
    Effects: Chorus 00:4:00
    Effects: EQ 00:5:24
    Effects: Delay 00:6:56
    Effects: Reverb 00:5:24
    Effects: Compressor 00:5:50

    Modulation envelopes 00:17:59
    The LFOs 00:6:59
    Routing (misc) 00:14:02

    Pitch bend and modulation 00:3:07
    The glide 00:9:28

    Create a preset 00:12:18
    The preset files provided 00:8:42

    Presentation of the Synthesizer Silenth 1

    Effects: Delay

    The glide

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