Breakbeats scratch tools

Breakbeats and Scratch tools:

First of all, breakbeats and scratch tools are the tools for a Scratch DJ. Above all for scratch training or to create your own routines.

The particularity of break beats is a very present rhythmic. There is no voice or very little.

Scratching by a DJ produces mid-range frequencies, in the center of the frequency spectrum. Thus, Scratch DJs often use vocals to scratch or sounds that are not in the lower end of the spectrum.

That's why the break beats are poor in midrange frequencies, which leaves room for the scratch to be heard properly. Also, some of them are just a drummer playing a rhythm. So we only have the bass drum, snare drum, and cymbals as sound. In other words, plenty of room to scratch without having to turn up the gain.

This is different from instrumentals that may contain melodies, which can cover the scratches that a DJ produces.

Browse the category and stock up your scratch DJ library. You'll be able to scratch on slow or fast beats, and use the famous scratch sounds well known today.

Then unzip the Zip file, and load the sounds into your DJ software.

For the story:

The breakbeat designates a current of electronic music characterized by the presence of very syncopated binary rhythms and the intense use of polyrhythms (in English breakbeat literally means "broken rhythm"). Breakbeat is thus opposed to other genres of electronic music with a more regular and stable rhythm such as house.

Technically, the breakbeat sequence is made from drum samples. They can be taken from existing recordings or constructed in an original way with the help of a rhythm box or an acoustic drum set.

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