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Frequently asked questions

Do you need specific equipment or knowledge for the MAO?

For the MAO courses, a virtual studio type software is recommended as well as a sound card (not mandatory). For training on a particular software, this software is necessary. The techniques of arranging, composing, mixing, etc. are applicable to any virtual studio.

I am a beginner, won't the MAO training be too complicated for me?

No, the process of creating music is explained as clearly as possible, even for beginners. The courses deal with the topics one by one, for a perfect understanding in order to apply the MAO techniques whatever the software (DAW) used.

I am a beginner, won't the DJ training be too complicated for me?

No, each technique is explained as clearly as possible, even for beginners. Audio files are available for download to reproduce the mix and scratch techniques.

What equipment do I need for scratch training?

You need at least a turntable, a scratch mixer, vinyl records with samples to scratch, an audio player (or computer) to play breakbeats or instrumentals and an internet connection.

You scratch in hamster (with the crossfader reversed) but I scratch with the crossfader in normal. Will I be able to follow and learn the lessons correctly ?

Yes, whether it's with the crossfader in normal or the right hand on the vinyl (I use the left) all techniques can be learned.

I use a midi controller with software or a cd-j 2000 and not turntables and a mixer. Will I be able to learn and practice on my controller or cd-j?

Yes, the techniques are exactly the same, it's only the touch of the jog that is different. The sound result is almost the same.

I see that there are lots of videos on YouTube. What is the advantage of taking these courses?

The advantages of following the training are the sequence, the quality and the synthesis of each video accompanied by graphics and audios available (50 at several speeds). Sharing with other DJs is also an advantage.

If after trying a technique I have difficulties, can you help me?

Yes, if there are any difficulties or misunderstandings, I answer the questions.

In the case of a subscription, can I cancel at any time?

Yes, to do this you need to go to: "Dashboard/My account".

The termination will end one month after the last payment made.

For subscriptions with PayPal you can cancel with the PayPal interface (preferences/payments/pre-approved payments).

For the management of subscriptions taken out before June 2019, go to here.

Is the payment secure?

Yes, payments are secured with Paypal and Stripe for credit cards.

All our sites are secured in HTTPS. The green padlock in your browser bar indicates a secure connection.

The payment does not work, what to do?

For payment by card, please make sure you have filled in your card details.

For any other problem contact us:

What are the differences between subscription and free access?

The subscription runs for 30 days, and after termination the access is no longer possible. (except new subscription)

For free access, a single payment allows unlimited access to the training, which makes it possible to follow the evolution of the training and to access it at any time.

What are the differences between open access and download?

The open access training is conducted on the training platform, so each video lesson, text and attachments are collected. A function allows you to validate the courses taken.

For download, the classification is by file. For offline training.

How to stop receiving emails?

At the bottom of each email sent, you will find a link "unsubscribe".

Click on it to stop receiving emails except for your account information emails.

I would like to change my e-mail address or my password, how do I do it?

Go to your personal space, in the top bar on your username.

Then you go to "Dashboard/My account/Account details".

I lost my password, what is the procedure?

If you have lost your password go to the login page, and click on "Forgot your password?"

Then enter your username or e-mail address to generate a new password.

An e-mail will be sent to you with a link to generate a new password.

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    2. Hello, I have just taken an unlimited subscription at 19 e per month but I can't find how to access the training course, they ask me to pay the amount of the training

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