Scratch DJ

Scratch DJ training: To date, these are the biggest Scratch DJ training courses available online, for learning this hard to learn discipline. Master faderless techniques, simple techniques, combinations and beat-juggling.

HD quality videos for clear and enjoyable tutorials:

  • Slow motion to understand the movements of the fastest techniques.
  • Zooms in on the crossfader area to repeat the gestures to be applied.
  • Tips and tricks to save time when training.

Take a course, use the graphics, practice, validate your course and move on to the next one.

These trainings are in free access, in subscription, or by downloading. That is to say that you can train online or on any support by downloading.

Choose the training according to your level. The scratch training is essentially based on learning scratch techniques.

To begin, the scratch training starts with faderless techniques, and the so-called simple techniques. You will learn how to precisely control your crossfader and the position of the vinyl.

Then the scratch gold course with scratch combinations and beat juggling. This course is for the DJ who already masters scratch techniques.

As for the start gold course, this course combines the 2 previous courses into one. You will perfectly use your 2 turntables, in order to become a real DJ.

For scratch training, you must have a scratch type mixer (with adjustable crossfader curve) it is mandatory. I recommend you to have a direct drive turntable (for the motor torque). A DJ software will be useful because we propose instrumentals and scratch tools to train you to scratch, but it is not mandatory. Scratching was invented on real turntables, but scratching techniques can be reproduced on a CD player or a DJ controller.

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