MAO and DJ training

A choice of DJ and MAO training courses accessible to all levels, adapted to your pace of life.


MAO and DJ training is :


Train where you want

First of all, if you wish to start training nowthe correspondence training is certainly the best alternative for you.


It is also :


Train when you want

Then you make the choice of a flexible education, to adapt to the constraints of modern life, without geographical barriers.


It is moreover :


Training at the best price!

Finally, online training costs less expensive than traditional training. Many expenses disappear thanks to this method (accommodation, transportation...).


The platform

The site Formation MAO et DJ is dedicated to DJ and MAO training. We offer online courses on an E-Learning platform.

To provide you with an optimal viewing experience, all videos are in HD quality (1080p) depending on the speed of your internet connection.

The online MAO and DJ training allows us to have a large number of students following our courses simultaneously, which considerably reduces the costs of producing and putting our content online.


The accesses

Essentially, our training courses are offered in free access, in subscription or by download.

Also you have the choice to subscribe for free and have access to our free trainings without commitment.

Therefore, learn your passion when you want and where you want.

Become a DJ and producer with MAO and DJ training and learn the tools of production and DJ software.


How it works

Take a course and apply what you learn instantly. Download sounds, presets and applications and play the examples.

Validate the courses you have taken, ask your questions and find your training for the next course. Navigate through the summary to follow the courses at your leisure. Spend as much time as you want on each course is the advantage of online training.


Learn to mix, scratch or use DJ software

Do you dream of becoming a DJ and want to get started? The DJ training courses give you the opportunity to learn to master the gestures and techniques to mix your set.

Our subscription training courses


Choose a course

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  • Unlimited

Choose 2 courses

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Unlimited training

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Computer-assisted music production

MAO training, sequencers, synthesizers and virtual studio production techniques.

Join us!

Start learning and mastering the tools of your favorite passion today!



scratch dj training


Well explained videos and techniques


Excellent videos where we really have the impression to be with 2, with patterns of increasing amplitudes and difficulty but accessible. One has directly desire to launch it again. Bravo !

Clément Domalain

the gestures are precise in addition there are slow motion c super

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