Terms and Conditions of Sale


Distance Learning

These general conditions of sale have been designed to accompany you in your purchase process. You are about to purchase one of the courses on the MAO and DJ Training site and by doing so you have decided to take a new step in your life.

For this reason, my team and I are very proud of you!

Once you have finished reading these terms and conditions, you can confirm your registration for the course at the bottom of this page. This is the last step that separates you from the lucky few entrepreneurs who have succeeded in the world of professional training.

Article 1 : Acceptance of the general conditions of sale

When you validate your order, you declare to accept fully and without reserve the present general conditions of sale.

Article 2: Scope of application

The present general conditions of sale apply to all the transactions concluded by the means of the Internet sites of the company Formation MAO et DJ.

Formation MAO et DJ reserves the right to modify at any time the present general conditions, without it being necessary to inform or obtain the agreement of anyone.

The applicable terms and conditions will be those in effect at the time of delivery of the products or services.

Due to the nature of the Internet network as well as possible maintenance and development operations, Formation MAO et DJ cannot guarantee its availability and therefore cannot be held responsible for unavailability and/or malfunctions.

The user using the websites of Formation MAO et DJ under his only and whole responsibility, no action could be engaged against the company Formation MAO et DJ which could not in no case to be held responsible for any damage that it is material (including losses of data, software, programs) or financial.

Is considered as a "customer" any person or entity making an order with Formation MAO and DJ validated via our secure payment platform, by check or cash.

The only version of this document involving a contractual agreement is the one available, up to date, on the website www.formationmaoetdj.com.

Article 3 : Public concerned and age limit

Formation MAO et DJ aims to offer a range of products and services strictly reserved for professionals and project owners. These tools, trainings, and other products and services aim at fulfilling our objective: online training for managers of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) as well as for individuals.

Age limitations apply:

Participants mandated by our training clients must be over 16 years old (for physical and electronic products) and over 18 years old (for services: coaching, workshops, seminars).

We make every effort to restrict access to our sites, products and services to minors. Even if the content of our products and services is not offensive in nature, we prefer to address a mature audience capable of understanding the implications and responsibilities of the business world.

Any user who does not meet these criteria (age over 16) will be immediately removed from our database as soon as this fact is brought to our attention. Similarly, any customer who does not meet these criteria will be immediately refunded and a return of the product(s) concerned will be required.

Article 4 : Registration and contractual documents

Any order formulated in writing (on paper registration form, email or fax) or validated on our website is firm and final and carries the full and complete adhesion of the Customer to the present GCS. The Customer commits himself to be present at the dates, times and places provided. The order must necessarily indicate the Customer's details (name, first name, address, company name if applicable) and the chosen training (title and date).

For any registration, a confirmation of registration and a training agreement or training contract in 2 copies are sent to the Customer, one copy of which must be returned by the Customer to the Training Organization signed and, if necessary, stamped by the company.

The Training Organization will provide each participant with an invitation specifying the exact time and place of training. The training location indicated on the communication materials is not contractual. Depending on the availability of rooms, the Training Organization may invite participants to another address in the same geographical area.

Within 15 working days following the training, the Training Organization sends the training invoice and the certificates of participation to the persons indicated by the Client when placing the order. It is the Client's responsibility to verify the imputability of the training action.

Article 5: Intellectual Property

The websites, products and services of Formation MAO et DJ in their entirety, both in their presentation and in their content (in its entirety or separately) direct or indirect, whatever the form, are protected by the laws in force on intellectual and/or industrial property.

Any reproduction, and/or distribution and/or communication, and/or representation and/or reuse, and/or adaptation, whether partial or complete, in any form whatsoever, any recording, whether in audio and/or video format, are prohibited, except with the express prior authorization of Formation MAO et DJ or its beneficiaries, and in the opposite case are therefore constitutive of counterfeiting and liable to the penalties provided for by law.

Article 6 : Order

The customer declares to have taken knowledge of the whole of the present General Conditions of Sale, and if necessary of the Particular Conditions of Sale related to a product or a service, and to accept them without restriction nor reserve.

The customer acknowledges that he/she has received the necessary advice and information in order to ensure that the offer is suitable for his/her needs.

The customer declares that he/she is legally capable of entering into a contract under the laws of his/her country or that he/she is the valid representative of the natural or legal person for whom he/she is contracting. He is responsible for the respect of these GTC for his entire organization.

Unless proven otherwise, the information recorded by the Company constitutes proof of all transactions.

Any order placed on a site belonging to Formation MAO et DJ implies the full and unreserved acceptance of these general conditions of sale.

Article 7 : Prices

The prices are indicated in euros, excluding VAT, shipping and processing costs.

The price can be modified at any time. However, the price applied to an order will be the one announced at the time of the order.

The possible other rights and taxes, whatever they are (customs, importation, local or state taxes, etc...) will remain if necessary in integrality with the load of the customer who declares to accept that without reserve as well as the fact of having to carry out by its own care, and without any intervention nor implication of Formation MAO and DJ all the necessary legal steps declarative and of payment near the qualified authorities.

This rule is also valid for any "tax-free" requests.

Article 8 : Payment

Payment is due immediately upon ordering, including for pre-ordered products. The customer can make the payment by credit card or by check.

The issued cards must be international bank cards (Mastercard or Visa). The seller does not accept American Express.

The secure online payment by credit card is made by the payment intermediary. The information transmitted is encrypted according to the rules of the art and cannot be read during transport on the network. Any guarantee as to the security of this system is entirely the responsibility of the subcontractor and cannot be imputed to us.

Once the payment is initiated by the customer, the transaction is immediately debited after verification of the information. The commitment to pay by card is irrevocable. By communicating his banking information at the time of the sale, the customer authorizes the salesman to debit his card of the amount relating to the indicated price. The customer confirms that he is the legal holder of the card to be debited and that he is legally entitled to use it. In case of error, or impossibility to debit the card, the sale is immediately resolved by right and the order cancelled.

If paying by check, the check should be made out to Formation MAO et DJ, and sent to the address below:

MAO and DJ training

11 rue du capitaine Pasquet 91100 Corbeil-Essonnes

The check will be cashed, unless exceptionally agreed by the seller.

Except for a specific agreement and/or special offer to spread out payment communicated beforehand and/or confirmed in writing by an authorized representative of Formation MAO et DJ, the registration for a service and/or the order of a product will be considered final upon receipt by Formation MAO et DJ of the full public price including all taxes, which will be the triggering element for delivery. This payment must be received at the latest 15 days before the effective start of the services. If this is not the case, Formation MAO et DJ reserves the right, by simple written notification and without prior notice or formality, to free the place for another participant, without this giving rise to any reimbursement in favor of the client.

Article 9: Use of the e-learning site

E-learning consists of providing individualized distance learning through the use of one or more training modules in a secure electronic space.

Within this framework, Formation MAO et DJ agrees to the Customer :

- the opening of an access to the service of the MAO and DJ Training platform, for the benefit of the user defined as any physical or moral person, holder of a user login account allowing him to access the said module(s),

- a number of Users defined in the Contract,

- the right to access the training, upon receipt of the Contract/Agreement, MAO and DJ Training  will send to the User's e-mail address a login and a password giving him/her the right to access the e-learning course provided for in the Contract/Agreement. Unless otherwise stated, this right is granted as of the acknowledgement of receipt of the access confirmation e-mail sent by Formation MAO et DJ and until the end date of the training, after which date access will be deactivated.

No cancellation of the Contract will be accepted from the date on which the User has made use of the login and password enabling him to access the platform.

User Perimeter:

Except in the case of special conditions expressly accepted by Formation MAO et DJ, notably in the case of affiliated companies within a group of companies, the rights of use to the module(s) are granted to the Client alone who signs the Contract.

Personal use right :

The login and password, delivered electronically to the User, are sensitive, strictly personal and confidential information, placed under the exclusive responsibility of the Customer. As such, they may not be transferred, resold or shared. The Customer guarantees to Formation MAO et DJ the execution of this clause by any User and will be responsible for any fraudulent or abusive use of the access codes. The Customer shall inform Formation MAO et DJ without delay of the loss or theft of the access keys. In case of violation of the clause of inalienability or sharing of access keys, Formation MAO et DJ reserves the right to suspend the service, without compensation, without prior notice or information.

Article 10 : Cancellation, modification or postponement of face-to-face training by the Training Organization

The Training Organization reserves the right to cancel or postpone a training course, in particular when the number of participants in this training course is deemed to be pedagogically inappropriate, and to inform the Client at the latest 10 working days before the date of the training course.
The Training Organization reserves the right to replace a defaulting trainer by a person with equivalent technical skills or to postpone the training as soon as possible.

When the postponement is not possible, the Training Organization will refund the totality of the registration fees without any other compensation.

Article 11: Cancellation, postponement of participation or replacement of the participant by the Client of face-to-face training

The Client may request the cancellation or postponement of his or her participation in a training course, free of charge, if the written request reaches the Training Organization at least 16 working days before the date of the training course.

The cancellation or postponement is effective after confirmation by the Training Organization to the Client.

In case of cancellation of its participation by the Customer between 15 and 4 working days before the start date of the training, the Training Organization will charge 50% of the price, not discounted, of the training.

If the cancellation occurs within 3 days before the date of the training, the Training Organization will charge 100% of the non-discounted price.

In case of absence from the training, delay, partial participation, abandonment or early termination for any reason other than force majeure duly recognized, the Customer will be liable for the full amount of his training.

In case of absence for health reasons justified by a medical certificate, the defaulting participant will be able to postpone his registration to the next scheduled session. Otherwise, he/she will be liable for the full amount of the training.

The Client may request a replacement participant, free of charge, up to the day before the training session. The replacement request must be sent in writing to the Training Organization and include the name and contact information of the replacement. It is then the Client's responsibility to verify the adequacy of the participant's profile and objectives with those defined in the training program.

Article 12: Subcontracting

The Training Organization is authorized to subcontract, in part or in whole, the performance of the services covered by this contract. All the obligations of the Client resulting from this subcontracting are valid only with respect to the Training Organization, which remains responsible to the Client for all the obligations resulting from this contract.

Article 13 : Condition of participation in the training course

Participants in the training courses are required to respect the internal rules of Formation MAO et DJ  posted and attached to the training contract/agreement.

If the training takes place outside of Formation MAO et DJ's premises, the participants are required to respect the internal rules of the host establishment.
The Training Organization reserves the right, without compensation of any kind, to exclude at any time, any participant whose behavior would hinder the proper conduct of the course and / or seriously violate the rules.

Article 14: Pre-order

For the products in "Pre-order", i.e. those which you can buy before their official publication, the payment is due immediately at the time of the order. The provisional dates of publication of the products are not contractual.

We do our best to respect the provisional dates that we indicate, however the effective dates depend very often on factors independent of our will (for example time of assembly by our providers, time of setting on line by the hosts...).

Article 15: Withdrawal period

In accordance with Article L121-21 of the Consumer Code, the customer has a period of 14 calendar days from the date of purchase for a service or the date of receipt for a product, to exercise his right of withdrawal.

If he wishes to exercise this right, the customer must write a statement expressing without ambiguity his desire to withdraw and send it to Formation MAO et DJ by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

The refund will be made by Formation MAO and DJ within the legal time limits provided for in the Consumer Code.

After this legal deadline, the amounts due by Formation MAO and DJ will automatically be increased at the legal rates stipulated in the consumer code.

However, if he is responsible for the depreciation of the goods he has received due to manipulations of these goods that were not necessary to establish their nature, characteristics and proper functioning, the right of withdrawal will be set aside.

In addition, all types of benefits, promotional offers, of any nature whatsoever, which would be related to the original purchase for which the customer would exercise his right of withdrawal will be automatically canceled.

In any case, this right cannot be exercised for a service that has been executed or whose execution has begun.

Furthermore, Formation MAO et DJ will not proceed to any refund in the following cases, at any time, and for any reason whatsoever

● absence at the time of service delivery

● request for cancellation during the delivery of the service

Some of the products and services offered are not subject to this right of withdrawal. Article L121-20-2 of the Consumer Code excludes or excludes in particular:

● Training services (online or in CD/DVD format) based on audio and video recordings,

● Services such as marketing consulting if the service has started within 7 days after signing the contract.

So that our customers don't have to worry about anything, we made the decision from day one that all of our products and services, without exception, come with a satisfaction guarantee. (We want to be absolutely certain that all of our customers are happy to have worked with us and achieve their goals).

However, this warranty is different for each product. Therefore, the terms listed below are superseded by those specified on your order page for a given product, as the promises made on that order page take precedence over the terms below.

Article 16: Notion of "necessary steps

Some of our contracts are for training services.

Our trainings frequently contain action plans, suggestions, recommendations, which we ask the client to implement in order to obtain the skill or result targeted by the training.

Prior to any refund, the company will ask the Customer to present proof of the completion of these Necessary Steps.

This proof must be provided no later than 7 working days after the company has acknowledged receipt of the refund request.

For example, if we organize a training course on "learning English", a Necessary Step could be "performing diction exercises". If the client is not satisfied with the results of the training and wishes to obtain a refund, he/she will have to take advantage of having completed this Necessary Step.

Article 17: Protection of personal data

In accordance with the Data-processing Law and Freedoms N° 78-17 of January 6, 1978, the customer has a right of access, of correction and suppression of the personal data which concern it.

The customer acknowledges that he/she has read the personal data protection policy and consents to the collection and use of his/her data, knowing that it will be treated in strict confidence.

By entering their information and contact details on one of the sites of the MAO and DJ Training network, the customer acknowledges that they agree to receive information/publications from the company by email, post or telephone, and agree to receive the newsletter. He is free to unsubscribe at any time. To do this, simply click on the link at the end of the emails.

Formation MAO et DJ informs the customer that it can be carried out on all the sites a follow-up of the frequentation. For this purpose, tools such as Google Analytics, Xiti, or Google Site Optimizer may be used, this list not being exhaustive. This data, which is not personally identifiable, is used to improve the user experience on the websites and to personalize the websites according to the frequent requests of users. The confirmation and conversion pages of the forms are generally equipped with the Google Site Optimizer device in order to measure their effectiveness and the level of interest of prospects and customers. The customer has the possibility to consult on the following link, the Privacy Policy of Google Optimizer.

By accepting these terms and conditions, the client and/or participant and/or subscriber and/or user implicitly consents to being filmed, photographed and recorded during the events organized by Formation MAO et DJ .

However, in accordance with the legal provisions stipulated in the framework of the right to image and the protection of privacy:

● for adults

Before any diffusion of an image of the person in a private framework, Formation MAO et DJ will have to obtain its written agreement by specifying at which date and where it was carried out. This agreement will be given for a precise use and cannot be global. A new agreement will have to be obtained for each rebroadcast of an image as soon as the goal will be different from that of the first broadcast.

● for minors

The authorization of the parents (or the person in charge) of a minor child must be obtained in writing.

These stipulations also protect the rights of the speakers and/or trainers and/or facilitators of MAO and DJ Training. Namely, that any diffusion of image which would be made on a purely informative basis by a person who would not have obtained a written agreement such as mentioned above would constitute an infringement of the right to the image and thus a violation of the private life liable to the recourse and sanctions envisaged by the law.

Article 18: Limitations and/or exclusions of liability

The client and/or participant and/or subscriber and/or user declares to acknowledge and/or express and/or accept and/or approve without reservation that:

● Any type of content delivered by Formation MAO and DJ, in any form (ideas, concepts, strategies, advice, etc...) does not give rise to any promises or guarantees of any kind (results, earnings, benefits, success, performance, etc...)

● Formation MAO and DJ, its legal representatives, Formation MAO and DJ's authorized representatives, partners, suppliers are not responsible for or carrying any promise or warranty.

● That in knowledge of this information he/she is aware that some of the exercises that will be proposed to him/her may involve risks according to his/her level of physical condition and health and that he/she is solely responsible and totally free to decide to participate, to continue and/or to stop practicing the exercises at any time.

● Therefore, he/she is solely responsible for his/her level of participation/involvement, decisions, actions and outcomes.

● That it will not seek in any way to make Formation MAO and DJ, its legal representatives, partners, affiliates, suppliers, Formation MAO and DJ's authorized persons responsible for its degree of participation/involvement, decisions, actions or results.

● Formation MAO et DJ would not be held responsible, under any circumstances, for any loss or damage caused or allegedly caused in connection with the use of its advice, products or services, whatever they may be and in whatever form.

● Formation MAO et DJ does not offer any professional medical, psychological or financial advice and that any type of content delivered by Formation MAO et DJ, in any form whatsoever (ideas, concepts, strategies, advice, etc...), cannot replace the opinion and/or intervention of a professional duly authorized by a diploma recognized by the competent authorities. Therefore, Formation MAO et DJ, its legal representatives, its partners, its affiliates, its suppliers, the persons authorized by Formation MAO et DJ can in no way be held responsible, in any way whatsoever, for damages of any nature whatsoever (bodily, financial, illness, death, etc...)

● In any case, the responsibility of Formation MAO et DJ, its legal representatives, its partners, its affiliates, its suppliers, the authorized persons of Formation MAO et DJ, would be if necessary contractually limited, to a compensation which could not be higher than the amounts engaged for the purchase of the good or service, whether it is about damage (even physical injury) or losses suffered or other causes.

● That it is the sole and entire responsibility of the student to cover himself or herself for potential risks, knowing that Formation MAO and DJ does not carry medical, and/or personal injury and/or disability insurance

Article 19: Affiliation and recommendations

In our newsletters, communications, and trainings, we may recommend tools, websites, products, or service providers that may be a useful addition to our trainings.

When this is the case, we usually partner with the companies that market these products or services - so we earn a commission if you decide to purchase these products or services on our recommendation.

Article 20: Applicable law

All clauses contained in these general terms and conditions of sale, as well as all purchase and sale operations referred to herein, shall be subject to French law.

Article 21 : Information on MAO and DJ training

Formation MAO et DJ is a micro enterprise whose head office is located at 11 rue du capitaine Pasquet Corbeil-Essonnes, registered under the number 82882084500026.

Article 22: Claims, jurisdiction

Any complaint from the Client must be made in writing to the Training Organization at the following address Formation MAO et DJ 11 rue du capitaine Pasquet 91100 Corbeil-Essonnes, which will endeavor to respond as soon as possible.
Any dispute that has not been settled amicably will be brought before the courts of Paris.