DJ and MAO training

Online DJ & MAO training

The online DJ & MAO trainings, the trainings to learn how to become a DJ or a computer music producer.

Realize your passion with online DJ & MAO training.

DJ training

To start learning or improving your DJ knowledge and techniques, whether you are a simple enthusiast or a professional, our DJ training courses are the fruit of years of experience in DJ'ing. A good DJ must perfectly master the use of turntables and a mixing desk.

Then with the evolution of the material, new possibilities are opened to the DJ of today. The DJ trainings are the learning of the DJ mix, the scratch and the DJ software.

MAO training

With the MAO trainings you will learn how to create computer assisted music. Also you will use the sampler as a beatmaker for your beats and samples. Create structured arrangements or prepare your live sets. Master the sequencer, synthesizers, effects and production techniques, mixing and mastering. Thanks to your learning, your productions will be of professional quality. Whatever your musical style, you'll progress with online MAO training.

How it works

Take a course and apply what you learn instantly. Download sounds, presets and applications and play the examples.

Validate the courses you have taken, ask your questions and find your training for the next course. Navigate through the summary to follow the courses at your leisure. Spend as much time as you want on each course is the advantage of online training.

Finally, you progress by following these courses at your own pace from your training space.

Many resources are present in each of our DJ & MAO training courses, in order to reproduce the exercises after having followed a course.

Choose your training in downloadin subscription or unlimited access to the online training platform.

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