MAO Samples

MAO samples:

First, the MAO samples with rhythmic sounds like claps, crashes, hats, hits, kicks, percussions, and snares. As well as sounds from the Yamaha motif ES, the Korg Triton, and lots of FX. So a whole range of sounds for your computer-assisted productions. Unzip the file and load the sounds in your virtual studio.

In music, a sampleor sampleis a sound extract recovered from a registration pre-existing of any nature and taken out of its context in order to be reused musically to make a new ensemble.

The extract in question, a short sequence, can come from a musical motif, a voice, or a sound effect, and as a result of collage, becomes a loop within the composition of the piece.

Therefore, a sample is a relatively short sound recording used with a sampler.

For the story:

First of all, sampling made its real breakthrough in the late 1970s. The group The Sugarhill Gang took up excerpts from Good Times from Chic as the basis for their Rapper's Delight. It became the first commercially successful hip-hop single. It was also the first to face legal difficulties. For Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgerss, the composers of Good Timess, were not credited on the record. Moreover, hip-hop was far from being the only popular music to use the sampling principle. In addition, during the 1970s and early 1980s, Psychedelic Shack of Temptations includes a sample from the singles of their hits.

In the mid-1980s, the music hip-hop is a great commercial success. The price of samplers becoming accessible to all, in these conditions sampling reached a general public status. One of the most famous bands in the 1980s was Art Of Noise. It mixed electronic sequences with samples ranging from political speeches to engine noise.

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