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Scratch DJ Training:

Learning to scratch requires a combination of knowledge, training, and listening. There are no shortcuts, like any discipline you need technique and training, which I explain by breaking down the technique for a step by step learning process.

The scratch DJ Class is a training space for learn to scratch step by step.

The lessons are contained in modules for structured learning.

HD quality videos for clear and enjoyable tutorials:

  • Slow motion to understand the movements of the fastest techniques.
  • Zooms in on the crossfader area to repeat the gestures to be applied.
  • Tips and tricks to save time when training.

Each course contains:

The explanation and demonstration of a technique.

Downloadable training audio files (Q & A) at different speeds.

You can send your result after applying the technique discussed.


Download scratch tools and break beats for practice.

A download page for more than 60 break-beats and a page for scratch tools.

You can reproduce exactly the lessons you have taken thanks to the samples and instrumentals you can download.

Scratch DJ Class: The biggest Scratching DJ course available online, for learning this hard to learn discipline. Master faderless techniques, simple techniques, combinations and beat-juggling.

This training is available in subscription

Introduction :

Explanation of the scratch DJ mind-set, for the first scratches.

Preparation :

How to prepare to master scratch techniques.

Vocabulary and technical terms.

The adjustment of the turntable.

The setting of the mixer.

Faderless Techniques:

Drag scratch

The Baby

Scribble and Uzi

One hand phasing

The Tears

The Hydroplane

The Rubs

Uzi forward backward

The Tweak






The Lazer (2 hands)

Simple Techniques:

Sample release

The Forward

The Backward

Chop scratch

Stab or Attack

The Echoes

Transform scratch

The Chirp scratch

One click flare orbit

Two click flare orbit

Three click flare orbit


The Crab

Shut down

Head tones

Pitch tone


The One hand chirp

Swap scratch

One hand swap scratch

The Double Timing

The Q & A (freestyle):

Freestyle training sessions.

Language: French

    What will I learn?

    Learn scratch techniques

    Mastering the dragging movements


    For scratch training, it is mandatory to have a scratch type mixer (with adjustable crossfader curve). It is recommended to have direct drive turntables (for the motor torque). A DJ software will be useful to load instrumentals and scratch tools, but it is not mandatory. Scratching was invented on real turntables, but scratching techniques can be reproduced on a CD player or a DJ controller.

    Target audience

    For Scratch DJ's Beginner

    Perfect control of the crossfader

    Scratch like a pro

    This material includes


    Samples for scratch

    47Lessons 8h


    Scratch DJ Class Home

    Introduction Scratch DJ Class00:7:50

    How to prepare to master scratch techniques00:4:29
    Vocabulary and technical terms00:7:29
    Adjustment of the plate00:8:57
    The setting of the mixer00:4:11
    Dragging accuracy00:8:49

    The Drag00:3:30
    The Baby00:3:14
    Scribble and Uzi00:2:34
    One hand phasing00:3:15
    The Tears00:3:31
    The Hydroplane00:1:48
    The Rubs00:2:41
    The Uzi forward backward00:3:37
    The Tweak00:3:52
    The Bubble00:3:07
    The Lazer00:9:40
    The Lazer (2 hands)00:8:18

    Sample release00:14:41
    The Forward00:8:27
    The Backward00:10:08
    The Chop00:8:49
    The Stab or Attack00:8:40
    The Echoes00:9:06
    The Transform00:9:37
    The Chirp00:9:54
    The One click flare orbit00:9:01
    The Two click flare orbit00:9:16
    The Three click flare orbit00:10:30
    The Twiddle00:9:57
    Twiddle scratch00:7:29
    The Crab00:9:21
    The Shut down00:7:53
    The Head tones00:7:11
    The Pitch tone00:7:03
    The One hand chirp00:12:26
    The Swap scratch00:5:20
    The One hand swap scratch00:7:46
    The Double Timing00:8:14

    Scratch Q&A2:20:00

    Break beats
    Scratch Tools and Samples

    Baby Scratch

    Backward Scratch

    Crab Scratch


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      DJ R

      His teaching style and ability to simplify and break down patterns, routines and juggles have made him extremely easy to understand.

      27 October 2023
      Verified Purchase

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      complete scratch training

      10 October 2020
      Verified Purchase

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      Clément Domalain

      the gestures are precise in addition there are slow motion c super

      22 January 2020
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