Free DJ Training: Mixing Techniques


Introduction to the dj mix


Free DJ Training: Mixing Techniques

DJ Training free for beginners in order to learn mixing techniques. To start with the tempo mix, then the cut mix, the bass balance and the tuning by ear. One part theoretical and a practical part to simply understand the principle of DJ mixing. In addition, there are songs and playlists by musical theme to download for your audio library.

There is no doubt that without being a real training, this mini DJ training free of charge will help you if you are just starting out.

What will we learn?

This will help you understand what DJ mixing is all about.

Understand why the DJ is turning a particular knob, and what the words used mean.

For mixing on controller, CD, vinyl.

The DJ mix, when you are just starting to get interested, is simply "ba y'a du boulot!".

Moreover, we must not forget that DJing is work, time and consistency.

Obviously, when you don't have a lot of money, you have to make do. Often with materials that are not necessarily ideal.

Whatever your musical style (EDM, hip hop, trap, dubstep, reggae, etc.) you can learn to mix your favorite tracks. Of course, you need to have the equipment to mix beforehand. You will need at least two turntables and a mixer, or a DJ controller and a DJ software (RekordBox, Traktor, Serato) 

The mixing techniques are as well for controller, CD decks or vinyl decks.

There is no difference in the pure technique and don't be afraid to see me only with vinyl decks.

The only difference is in the touch (jog vs vinyl), but the sound result is the same.

Just like the difference between controller and turntables + mixer. There is no problem to apply these techniques.

In conclusion, if you have difficulties to start mixing or if you are interested in improving, this free mini DJ training will help you.

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