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Ableton Live training

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Duration : 24H00


Ableton Live training

The Ableton Live training Whether you are a DJ or an electronic music composer, Ableton Live is the production tool to be used like a professional.

In the first place Ableton Live training will allow you to create your music from the easiest sequencer to use, Live from Ableton. After having seen the different tracks, audio, midi, feedback and track groups, you will learn how to record your audio or MIDI clips.

Then compose from the arrangement view or improvise without time-line constraints in the session view. Use any audio sample. Then change its speed, tone, length or playback direction to create your own sounds and melodies. Then load Live's instruments, synthesizers, samplers or drum racks to invent rhythms and layers of sound.

Learn how to use automations to vary the parameters of the mixer, instruments or effects. Then mix the tracks, apply your effects.

Finally, export your work to create your final audio file. After completing each of these courses, you will have mastered Live from Ableton as a producer of electronic music nowadays.

Live is the work of musicians looking for a better way to create, produce and perform music with a computer. A lot of effort has been put into simplicity and enjoyment. With performances that allow you to create music as complex as you like.

Ableton Live allows you to easily create, produce and play music within an intuitive interface.

As a bonus, 7 GB of samples will allow you to start your productions instantly.


Video format: HD 1080p

Training time: 24 hours

Language: French

Prerequisites: Have a basic knowledge of MAOthe software Ableton Livea computer and an internet connection.

This training is available in subscription or for download.

    What will I learn?

    Master all the instruments of Live

    Using routing

    Understanding sound compression


    Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of computer music, Ableton Live software, a computer and an internet connection.

    A one month trial version is available on the Ableton Live website.

    Target audience

    Computer music producer

    People using Ableton live

    From enthusiast to professional

    Using samples with warp and samplers

    Combining effects with racks

    Know all the features of Ableton

    This material includes

    7 GB of samples

    89Lessons 24h


    Welcome to the Ableton Live training

    Ableton Live Browser 00:19:49
    Mixer tracks 00:30:12
    Master track 00:9:40
    Default track creation 00:6:21

    Ableton transport bar 00:34:16
    Starting point of reading 00:2:04
    Starting point of reading marker 00:4:48

    Clip playback 00:8:03
    Difference between midi and audio clips 00:4:59
    Clip Editor 00:4:30
    Clip settings 00:31:35

    Display Arrangement 00:11:35
    Session display 00:7:08
    Zooming the arrangement 00:1:18
    Display of additional parameters 00:3:21

    Clip recording (session) 00:7:56
    Recording a clip (arrangement) 00:5:03
    Recording in arrangement via session clip 00:9:07
    Maintain a range of notes 00:1:41

    Audio-to-Midnight Conversion 00:13:39
    Automation 00:12:37

    Recording quantification 00:4:15
    Quantization setting 00:9:51

    Preference settings 00:23:33
    File Manager 00:8:39

    Controller and midi mapping 00:38:06

    Use of warp markers 00:12:38
    Editing a sample at tempo 00:8:52
    Crop and record a clip 00:9:57

    Grooves and groove pool 00:7:00
    Audio clip groove 00:18:25
    MIDI clip groove 00:24:44

    Arpeggiator 00:37:21
    Chord 00:13:05
    Note length 00:12:38
    Pitch 00:10:45
    Random 00:9:58
    Scale 00:11:29
    Velocity 00:18:19

    Amp and cabinet 00:15:30
    Auto filter 00:4:11
    Auto pan 00:6:22
    Beat repeat 00:15:32
    Chorus 00:7:27
    Compressor 00:36:45
    Corpus 00:13:56
    Dynamic tube 00:6:44
    Eq eight 00:13:48
    Eq three 00:4:32
    Erosion 00:4:49
    External audio effect 00:3:45
    Filter delay 00:7:11
    Flanger 00:4:19
    Frequency shifter 00:3:32
    Gate 00:3:38
    Glue compressor 00:12:03
    Grain delay 00:8:09
    Limit 00:7:38
    Looper 00:24:07
    Multiband dynamics 00:24:00
    Overdrive 00:5:36
    Phaser 00:9:33
    Simple and ping pong delay 00:3:48
    Redux 00:5:17
    Resonator 00:9:48
    Reverb 00:18:01
    Saturator 00:19:36
    Spectrum 00:11:11
    Tuner 00:5:46
    Utility 00:5:44
    Vinyl distortion 00:5:46
    Vocoder 00:23:22
    Combination of effects 00:18:19

    Analog 1:20:29
    Collision 00:43:05
    Electric 00:13:44
    Operator 1:9:50
    Voltage 00:43:11
    Drum rack 1:6:15
    Impulse 00:18:14
    Sampler 1:10:21
    Simpler 00:43:48

    MIDI effects racks 00:17:05
    AUDIO effects racks 00:26:37
    Instrument rack 00:26:03

    Simple export 00:11:43
    Export in stem 00:13:47

    Keyboard shortcuts 00:16:11


    Ableton Redux

    Ableton Spectrum

    Ableton Simpler

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      Very playful.

      7 July 2020
      Verified Purchase

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      This course is a real MAO training to learn ableton, it lacks more than the max for live functions

      18 June 2020
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      Excellent online training.

      November 30, 2019
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