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Ableton Live Training + Sidechain Compression


Duration : 25H20

ableton live training
sidechain compression


Ableton Live Training + Sidechain Compression:

Ableton Live training + Sidechain Compression

First of all, if you want to learn today and at your own pace, this course is for you.

Ableton Live

The Ableton Live training Whether you are a DJ or an electronic music composer, Ableton Live is the production tool to be used like a professional.

In the first place Ableton Live training will allow you to create your music from the easiest sequencer to use, Live from Ableton. After having seen the different tracks, audio, midi, feedback and track groups, you will learn how to record your audio or MIDI clips.

Then compose from the arrangement view or improvise without time-line constraints in the session view. Use any audio sample. Then change its speed, tone, length or playback direction to create your own sounds and melodies. Then load Live's instruments, synthesizers, samplers or drum racks to invent rhythms and layers of sound.

Learn how to use automations to vary the parameters of the mixer, instruments or effects. Then mix the tracks, apply your effects.

Finally, export your work to create your final audio file. After completing each of these courses, you will have mastered Live from Ableton as a producer of electronic music nowadays.

Live is the work of musicians looking for a better way to create, produce and perform music with a computer. A lot of effort has been put into simplicity and enjoyment. With performances that allow you to create music as complex as you like.

Ableton Live allows you to easily create, produce and play music within an intuitive interface.

As a bonus, 7 GB of samples will allow you to start your productions instantly.


Video format: HD 1080p

Training time: 24 hours

Prerequisites: Have a basic knowledge of MAOthe software Ableton Livea computer and an internet connection.




Sidechain compression is the act of reducing the volume of one or more tracks for a short time.

This is a technique not to be neglected when producing music in MAO.

To begin with, there are a good number of sidechaining methods. We will see that some methods are more or less tedious depending on the choice of tools we use.

Then the settings will not be the same for each type of production. The main thing is not to have any confrontation in the low frequencies.

The different techniques of sidechining

The manual sidechain:

First of all, this technique does not require any particular software or compressor. To do this, we will determine the length and amplitude of the gain reduction on the track we want to compress. This is the longest method to set up, but it is also the most precise. Because the operation has to be repeated for each track if we want a different sidechaining for it. On the other hand, for a global sidechain it is enough to route the tracks to a return track and to apply the sidechain to this track.


Sidechain compression:

This time it is an automated compression. We use a compressor, but not for its primary purpose. Usually a compressor lowers the gain of a track from the signal of that track. In the case of sidechain compression, another signal is used as the trigger. We will therefore indicate which track should trigger the compressor, and with what amplitude. We can also set the degree of attack and release of this compression.


Multiband sidechain compression:

The multiband sidechain compression is also an automated compression. However, the compression is different because it acts in a completely different way. In fact, this technique allows you to apply the sidechain with different settings for each frequency range. For example, below 800 Hz the setting can be very short, and very long above 800 Hz. As with the sidechain compression, we can adjust the attack and release.


Finally, after these courses, you will be able to define which type of sidechain to apply, depending on the type of production you want to make.

Language: French

    What will I learn?

    Master all the instruments of Live

    Using routing

    Understanding sound compression


    Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of computer music, Ableton Live software, a computer and an internet connection.

    A one month trial version is available on the Ableton Live website.

    Target audience

    Computer music producer

    People using Ableton live

    From enthusiast to professional

    Using samples with warp and samplers

    Combining effects with racks

    Know all the features of Ableton

    This material includes

    7 GB of samples

    What will I learn?

    Understanding of sidechaining

    Use of sidechain tools


    You absolutely need a virtual sequencer such as Fl Studio, reason, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Cubase, etc.

    Target audience

    Electronic music composer


    Create a manual sidechain

    Get a pro MAO rendering


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