Session Drums Studio by Ableton



  • 383 Presets, 50 Live Clips




Session Drums Studio by Ableton

Session Drums Studio by Ableton offers crisp, clear studio recordings of world-class acoustic drums that sound great and are ready to play. The included kits cover a wide range of styles and offer extensive customization capabilities.


First of all Multimic Drum Session on 6 GB of sampled drums from this pack were recorded with a wide range of velocities and articulations. Session Drums Studio includes:

  • Kicks of different sizes with felt, wood or plastic drummers, microphones with dynamic or condenser microphones.
  • Snare drums of many sizes and materials, including maple, birch, chrome, brass and bronze, sampled with a different strike zone and alternating left and right strikes for each velocity, as well as various snare press joints.
  • Hihats in a variety of sizes played via the pedal and the tip or stem of the stick. Includes alternating left and right strike samples for each velocity. In addition, the width of the open hi-hat can be mapped to a modulation wheel or pedal for even more dynamics and realism.
  • Ride cymbals with samples played on the bell, middle and edge of the cymbal.
  • Crash, Splash and China cymbals.
  • Toms of various sizes with alternating left and right samples for each velocity, as well as tambourines and cowbells.

The Kits

The 12 kits load as drum racks. With 8 macro controls for tuning, envelope and EQ for each individual drum hit. Each drum in the Drum Rack also has its own channel and can therefore have its own effects and routing.

Session Drums Studio also comes with 50 MIDI clips in different styles and patterns played by a professional session drummer. Each clip loads with a complete drum kit. You can easily swap out the entire drum rack or individual drum hits to create your own custom kit.

Session Drums Studio was created in collaboration with Chocolate Audio.



  • 383 Presets, 50 Live Clips


  • installation: 5.96 GB
  • download: 3.2 GB


  • Live 10 Lite (version 10.0 or higher)


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