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Mix + Serato DJ Pro Training

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Mix DJ & Serato training:

Mix DJ Class and Serato DJ Pro training

First of all, if you want to learn today and at your own pace, this course is for you.

Mix DJ Class

Mix DJ Class is aimed at the whole beginner as well as for those who want to improve their mix DJ.  

The Mix DJ Class will allow you to learn to mix quickly, and to create your own recordings. You will be able to promote your mix and your services in order to obtain contracts.

You will learn to mix your favorite tracks whatever your musical style (EDM, hip hop, trap, dubstep, reggae, etc). Of course, you need to have the equipment to mix beforehand. You will need at least two turntables and a mixer, or a DJ controller and a DJ software (RekordBox, Traktor, Serato) 

Whether you have vinyl decks, CD decks, or a more software-based controller such as Djuced, Deckadance, Virtual DJ, Traktor or Serato, in the Mix DJ Class you will learn how to mix.

The mixing techniques are as well for controller, CD decks or vinyl decks.

The only difference is in the touch (jog vs vinyl), but the sound result is the same.

Just like the difference between controller and turntables + mixer, there is no problem to apply these techniques.

For progress rapidly, it will simply be necessary to apply in order and step by step the method to achieve it.

After some serious work, you will be an expert in DJ-ing.

Develop your creativity, and find your originality as a DJ.

Serato DJ Pro

Serato DJ Pro Trainingthe DJ software used by DJ-ing pros!

To avoid wasting time and use Serato DJ quickly, this Serato DJ Pro Training will allow you to know and use all the functions to mix like a pro. Then use Serato's sticker lock and anti-drift for even more precise mixes. Discover Serato DJ Pro's practice mode, then mix without an external sound card.

It's with Serato DJ, Serato DJ Pro and the Rane Sixty Two table as controller, that the demonstrations will be carried out.

Use Serato Video to play your own video clips or custom images and messages to the beat of the music.

Conclusion to your decks or controllers to start today!

Language: French

    What will I learn?

    To be mixed with all types of material

    Types of cables and connections

    Audio signal transit (anomaly detection)

    The functioning of vinyl CD players and mixers


    To follow this course, it is recommended to have 2 turntables (vinyl or CD) and a mixer. A controller and a DJ mixing software are used but not necessary to learn DJ mixing. The files to be downloaded are in ZIP format to be decompressed before playing on CD or in a DJ software. A computer and an internet connection are mandatory to follow this training. HD quality videos (1080p).

    Target audience

    Making DJ his job

    DJ's from passionate to professional

    The musical structure

    The different types of mix

    Gain control, compression level

    Use of effects

    Multi-track recording

    This material includes

    Software for audio files

    Recording software

    Playlists to download

    What will I learn?

    Getting Started Quickly with Serato

    Understand the reading modes

    Manage effects

    Create your recordings

    Using the loop roll

    Using pitch & time

    Setting up and using pitch play

    Setting up the sampler and playing samples

    Using the flip

    Setting up and using the synchronization

    Configure all settings


    The latest version of Serato is recommended for this course. A dedicated Serato controller will be preferred but you can control Serato from any MIDI controller (explained in the course).

    Target audience

    DJ wanting to use Serato fully

    This material includes

    File to use the pitch play


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