Amazing Noises Spectrum Effects



  • 4 Max Devices, 102 Presets, 2 Live Sets


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Amazing Noises Spectrum Effects

Amazing Noises Spectrum Effects includes two radical spectral processing devices, so it's capable of producing a range of effects. Distort and transform your audio into chaos, or add subtle harmonic touches - you decide which. So in studio and live, Spectrum Effects adds an instant dynamic catalyst to your live set..


Grip ableton pack


Grip is a device that captures the spectral components of the incoming signal. It can create inharmonic resonances, artifacts, mechanical screams or even buzzes. Feed it with drums, vocals, pads or anything else you like, then watch your sounds transform into new shapes.

Specially designed to handle a variety of sound sources, Grip brings out aspects of your audio you never knew existed. It comes with a collection of presets to get you started, but the real fun begins when you start fine-tuning the controls.

Watch a video presentation of Grip below:


spectrum runner ableton pack

Spectrum Runner

More than just a sophisticated modulator, Spectrum Runner gets into the guts of your audio. It also performs real-time tasks that modify the phase and synchronization of the sound spectrum.

Spectrum Runner can also be used as a spectral delay, mangler and distortion effect. Thanks to its three spectral LFOs, it can sculpt sound in very interesting and unpredictable ways.

Not just a glitch sound manipulator, it's also capable of deconstructing the input sound in a gentle cascade of evolving harmonics.

Watch a video preview of Spectrum Runner below :

About the developer

Maurizio Giri is a composer, electronic musician, teacher and Max MSP programmer. He is the author of a series of books on Max MSP programming with Alessandro Cipriani.

Boost the power of Live with Amazing Noises Spectrum Effects


  • 4 Max Devices, 102 Presets, 2 Live Sets


  • Installation: 13.47 MB
  • Download: 9.3 MB


  • Live 9 Standard (version 9.1.7 or later)
  • Max for Live

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