Digital by Max for Cats



  • 1 Max Devices, 98 Presets, 2 Live Sets




Digital by Max for Cats

First and foremost, DIGITAL is a powerful polyphonic synth that fuses additive, wavetable, frequency modulation and subtractive synthesis. Also, Digital by Max for Cats is specially designed for creating new sounds, and provides a complete set of controls expressly for this purpose.

Watch a video presentation of Dgital by Max for Cats below:


DiGiTAL's two oscillators can produce a wide variety of sounds. The waveform of each oscillator is created mathematically by additive synthesis and frequency modulation, then stored in a wavetable that can itself be modulated. In addition to presets for standard waveforms, DiGiTAL lets you create your own waveforms by directly drawing partials, their amplitude and phase, as well as frequency modulation and its phase. So, is it additive synthesis? Is it a wavetable? Is it FM or subtractive synthesis? It's all this and more.

Filter / Envelope / LFO

To refine and animate raw waveforms, DiGiTAL also provides a multimode filter and two LFOs with seven different waveforms and adjustable phase. Four ADSR envelopes let you shape amplification, filter, pitch and additional modulation. The pitch envelope has the ability to reverse its action to obtain increasing or decreasing pitch modulation.

digital by max for cats
Additional features

DiGiTAL's sound-shaping capabilities go even further, with a modulation matrix to precisely animate various parameters of your sound. There's also a built-in chorus and equalizer to magnify and sculpt your sound, an adjustable sub-oscillator, additional FM modulation and global saturation/distortion parameters - all offering virtually infinite potential for creating new sounds.


Inspired by the vintage Oberheim 2-voice synthesizer, DiGiTAL comes with a powerful dual-purpose sequencer. The parameter sequencer is always active and selectable as a source in the modulation matrix. Activating the note sequencer lets you control not only note value, but also velocity, length and step cutoff. The sequencer also offers four different playback modes. Finally, like the LFOs, it can operate freely or be synchronized with the global tempo.


  • 1 Max Devices, 98 Presets, 2 Live Sets


  • installation: 13.45 MB
  • download: 11.1 MB


  • Live 9 Standard (version 9.1 or later)
  • Max for Live


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