tuto 3 click flare

Three click flare orbit

How to make the 3-click flare orbit?

Here's how to make the 3-click flare orbit

The three-click flare orbit is one more cut than the two-click flare.

You have to be quick with your crossfader hand to get a sample cut into four.

Three click flare tutorial

3 click flare orbit

The three-click flare orbit consists of making three cuts on the outward journey and three cuts on the return journey to obtain 8 sounds.. The result is 8 sounds, because the precise moment of return is silence. In this example, the three-click flare is orbit because the number of cuts is similar on the outward and return. The start is crossfader open.

Three-click flare graphic

The green lines correspond to movements made with the hand on the disc, while the red lines correspond to the release of the disc.
The dashed lines represent the stops in the movement.
Crossfader cuts are represented by black horizontal lines.
The crossfader openings are the blue lines and the closures in orange.

Practice "empty", i.e. perform crossfader movements without playing with the vinyl, so that the gesture becomes a reflex and you stop counting the number of cuts. There's a Q and A at the end of the video to help you practice.

The three-click flare will be used for combinations (combo) like the swing flare, for example.

Gestures on the vinyl will be different, hence the need to dissociate the hands.

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