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Pass dj

What is the Pass dj

The pass pass dj or pass pass as its name suggests, is the act of switching from one deck to the other. On one deck a sound or song is played (in part) and on the other deck a sound or song is played right after and so on.

If switching from one piece to another is mixing, here the difference is that the time is very short between the 2 pieces and that the 2 pieces are not played together.

For a good backspin

Often it is with the same sound or song on each deck that this technique is performed.

We obtain a repetition of the desired part as a loop of sound, example 4 beats, 4 beats.

The number of beats can be shortened or lengthened and often we go from 4 beats or more to two, one, etc.

The loop is reduced by half at each repetition to leave only a small part of the sound at the end and thus to pass quickly from one turntable to the other, hence the pass pass dj.

To start the dj pass, practice with 2 identical vinyls and have fun repeating a part (the one we prefer).

The practice

Proceed as follows 1 Send the first deck (right or left) and the crossfader to it.

2 When the desired number of beats have elapsed, change the position of the crossfader while sending the second deck.

3 Rewind the first deck to the mark, and wait for the desired number of beats to elapse.

4 Change the position of the crossfader while sending the first deck, and so on.

pass dj pass

For practice :

  • Focus on the vinyl marker to send after each launch and not send too early or too late.
  • Then, once the vinyl is started, rewind the other vinyl to the starting point using the marker.
  • Count the number of turns if the chosen loop is long.
  • The head must make left, right, left, right because we are concentrated on the vinyl to send.
  • Repeat and repeat so that it becomes a reflex.

It will normally be easier to be precise with one hand than with the other (left or right handed). You will have to become in some way ambidextrous. A long and repeated practice should help you with the vinyl hand or the crossfader hand.

For the crossfader be careful to position it correctly on the track of the launched turntable, because with a curve and a very short cut-in the risk is to hear the other turntable when going back before launching.

Some tips

To locate the game, stick a sticker on the button. Place the disk at the starting point and stick the marker at noon or at the cell location. It is recommended to make the start of the game.

The start will be on the kick (or bass drum). The sending of the 2nd turntable will be the same for keep the pace.

It is necessary to keep the pace of the song which means sending the chosen part at the right time to create a perfect loop.

The shorter the loop, the faster you have to go. No time to use the headphones, hence the usefulness of the marker on the vinyl.

In summary

The key is to create a loop. Then you can repeat a part starting with the snare drum. The duration will be the same but a little further in the piece.

Mastering the basics of scratch to send at the right time.

Then we can add a lot of scratch figures once the concept is mastered.

For more information watch the Beat juggling.

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