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Slip mode Serato DJ

First of all this "slip mode" feature appeared on the pioneer 900 cd-j in 2009.

As on the cd-j's the fashion slip on Serato DJ Pro allows looping, scratching or even stopping the track being played while keeping normal playback in the background.

The reading resumes where it would be if no changes had been made, nice no?

Serato DJ integrates this function on each of the software's virtual decks.

The button represented by two upside down triangles turns blue when activated and flashes during operation.

slip mode

How to use fashion briefs?


Nothing could be simpler, just activate it by pressing the button.

So yes, but that's not all.

Because if it is true that the resumption of the "normal" reading is automatic, it is nevertheless linked to the stop of the change of one made.

For example, if you move backwards on your jog or vinyl, "normal" playback will resume as soon as you stop this movement.

It is therefore by keeping the rhythm that the brief will have the most effect.

Here are the actions that activate the slip mode:

  1. Looping
  2. Handling of the jog or vinyl
  3. The action of a cue point
  4. Stopping the virtual or real turntable
  5. Changing the reading direction

The slip mode of Serato DJ is used with the internal and relative mode of the virtual decks.

The absolute mode being the replica of a physical CD or vinyl.

Watch the slip mode in action in this Serato DJ training video.

The slip mode is a way to transform a track using point cue or any of the other changes mentioned above.

Finally this function will be used from time to time. Nevertheless, you will have to get used to the resume playback mode and keep the rhythm of the current song.

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