platinum calibration

Serato DJ Turntable Calibration

Turntable calibration is necessary for proper operation before using Serato DJ with your time code vinyls.

Because the software works with either time coded vinyls or CD time coded.

It is also possible to read the file directly on a USB key.

The code signal (a frequency of 1000Hz) enters the software to read the audio file which is in the computer.

Thanks to this signal, any manipulation, acceleration, slowing down, or stopping of the vinyl is reflected on the audio file in Serato.

Why platinum calibration?

This step is essential, so that there is not too much latency between the movement and the response in the software.

Poor signal reception in the software will result in deterioration of the audio file playback.

The signal processing is done in the software via the sound card.

The turntable calibration setting is found in the setup menu (in the CD/vinyl tab) and is independent of other settings in Serato DJ.

For example, the USB audio buffer size may also create a longer response time if it is not set properly.

The settings will differ depending on the power of the computer used.

To relieve the processor, increase the buffer size.

If you get too much latency, you will definitely need a more powerful computer.

What about the cell or the diamond?

platinum calibration

platinum calibration

Of course, the first contact must be of the highest possible quality.

A good cell setting allows to obtain a good signal.

Monitor diamond wear and preferred cells for time code reading for less vinyl wear.

Here is what you can see on the oscilloscope when the signal is interfered with. The diamond is very dirty or worn. If you see a straight bar instead of a circle, one of the two channels (right or left) is missing. If on the other hand you get an oval, adjust with the two balance settings to see a circle as perfect as possible.

platinum calibration

Check the RCA connections of your turntables because the signal passes through them!

The adjustment in relation to the surrounding noise will also be a guarantee of good functioning.

With the "estimate" button this setting will be automatic.

Note that this adjustment should be made at each trip.

The risk is to see the waveform of the audio file moving while the vinyl does not (too high sensitivity)

On the other hand, a bad response of the vinyl in relation to the audio playback (too low sensitivity)

After the turntable calibration is complete, you are ready to mix with Serato DJ.

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