software that can help a dj

Software that can help a DJ

There are many software that can help a DJ and that's why I have grouped some of them.

software that can help a dj

Tag management

First of all, tag management, an audio player like i-tunes for macs, or windows media player on pc is already a good start.

But not all of them manage the Bpm and even less the key of the songs.

For this purpose MP3 tag allows you to create custom tags.

Just give it a name and register it.

We can create as many tags as we want according to our needs.

The MP3 tag link: MP3 tag

File classification

Then the audio files rankings.

Note that if you don't use mixing software, it is useful to have software to organize your audio files.

MediaMonkey is a player, manager, converter, a tool all in one. It is compatible with winamp for association. Compatible only with windows. It supports more than 50.000 audio files CDs, OGG, WMA, APE, MPC and MP3.

The MediaMonkey link: Mediamonkey

Audio converters

If your audio collection is not from yesterday, you may have several types of audio formats. Having 1 or 2 audio formats such as MP3 (high level) and WAV or AIFF is ideal. To convert files that are not compatible with mixing software, for example, there are several programs available.

Here are some of them:

All to mp3 mac and windows :

Wma to mp3 windows :

Wma to mp3 mac :

For backup

And finally the backup, very important.

Whether the hard drive is internal or external, it is not uncommon for them to fail.

Digital files, therefore immaterial, are quickly lost or corrupted.

Backups on other media can be automated. For this, there are software programs to help you.

Quite simple to use, the destination volume and the frequency of the backups will be programmed.

The links of these logociels:

For windows

For Mac

Digitally encoded, it will be easier to store, sort and label them. But it will also be easy to delete them or to lose the data.

In short, software that can help a DJ will be welcome in the computer of the orderly DJ.

If you get started in DJ-ing you will learn that the ingredients (the music) are to be well chosen and kept.


Finally, the software that can help a DJ evolve with time and the expertise of the DJ. Today's DJ mixing software is all-in-one. Depending on your playlists, you will need at least one audio converter. As for backup software, it is essential nowadays.

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