how to mix

How to mix

So how do you mix?

Knowing how to mix is the result of several steps all linked to each other!

Audio mixing is the assembly of at least 2 audio sources, but other parameters come into play, so how to mix?

how to mix

The selection

First of all the selection of the songs plays a big role in the mixing.

Yes, because if the selection from the beginning is not correct the assembly will be more difficult.

We will make sure that the 2 pieces have at least one thing in common. Then we will adapt the piece to the one that is already in progress.

Selection criteria:

  • The musical genre
  • Energy (driving or not)
  • Speed (Bpm)
  • The tone (harmony)

Ideally we will have at least one of these criteria in common in both pieces but it is not mandatory.

For example for a change of musical genre, the energy, the speed will be different, we will make sure to keep the tone if possible.

how to mix

The technique

Now let's get into the technique and how to mix.

If selection is important, so is technique.

Because knowing how to mix can be learned like any other discipline.

To begin with, the sound level should be similar to the current song.

We will therefore adjust the gain by comparison.

It is also the frequency equalization (EQ=bass, midrange, treble) that we will adjust according to the song already playing.

Just like the gain and the EQ we will have to adjust the speed. To proceed with the speed adjustment we will determine if we need to speed up or slow down the song that we want to play after the one that is already in progress.

You have to be able to dissociate what you hear with one ear and the other.

This is called ear cueing. So we will adjust the pitch to fit the speed of the song.

The speed must be exactly the same or it will be heard by your audience as a mixing error.

In addition to speed, the timing of the piece is important for an optimal sequence.

The respect of times and measures is part of the DJ who knows how to mix. Above all a DJ must know the musical structure to know how to mix.

In fact, with this knowledge of the structure, the next piece will be sent on the first beat of the bar.

All we have to do now is to progressively "bring" the song with the channel fader to mix.


Whether the mix is made with a SVR controller (Traktor, Seratoetc) or the traditional method, turntables (cd, vinyl) plus mixer, how to mix is the key to creating a good mix.

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