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Serato Sample 1.3


Host software:

  • Logic Pro
  • Maschine
  • Ableton Live

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Serato Sample 1.3

What's so great about crazy with Serato Sample?

The fastest way to sample

First Serato Sample 1.3 is a powerful and intuitive sampler plugin for producers to quickly find, chop, move keys and stretch time.

Unparalleled time extension

Then with Serato's famous Pitch 'n Time algorithm built in, you get the best quality time stretching and key changing on the market.

Instantly sync your samples with Serato Sample

Also you can automatically synchronize the key and BPM of your sample with your project in your DAW, no more distortion of the sound.

32 samples in one click

Use Serato Sample's Autoset feature to instantly get 32 sample chops to work with, just like putting a needle on a record.


What's new in Serato Sample

  • Beatgrids - Ensure  Make sure your samples sync perfectly with your project with Beatgrids. This will also improve features such as Find Samples and Slicer, which use Beatgrids to determine the correct timing throughout the sample.
  • Glide button - Use the Glide button to get a "bending" effect between the pads when the keyboard mode is activated.
  • Automatic adjustment mode of the Serato DJ benchmarks - The Serato DJ cue points will now be transferred to Serato Sample - perfect for turning live flips into DJ edits.
  • General improvements - Including more parameters for host automation, such as levels or velocity, an improved interface and an improved display of overlapping cue points.

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Operating system :

From Windows 7 to Windows 10


Intel® Core ™ i3 i5 i7 i9: 1.07 GHz and above

Screen Resolution:

1 280 x 720


4 GO

Free space on the hard disk :

5 GB

DAW host software :

Logic Pro / Maschine / Ableton Live

Operating system support assumes that you are using the latest intermediate version. Please check the operating system support for your host DAW software before upgrading.

It is recommended to install the last version of the supported Host DAW software.


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