serato sample

Serato sample

Serato sample

Serato sample, not to be confused with the sampler integrated in its DJ software called SP6 in later versions, is a sample editing tool in VST format. It is a music production tool, which simplifies the use of samples within a production. Click here to download version 1.3

Getting started

It is therefore a sampler that can be integrated inside a sequencer (DAW) such as Ableton, FL Studio, Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic Pro, etc...

However, it retains the colored waveform as in Serato DJ Pro. DJ software users will find the ease of use of Serato products.

How it works

To load a sample in Serato sample, there are 2 methods: either by drag & drop with the mouse or by opening a file explorer window. Then the top waveform allows you to quickly navigate through the entire length of the sample. While the lower part allows you to read, zoom, and place the starting points of the samples you want to use.

serato sample

Then define the playback mode with or without key release, and the monody or polyphonic. The sync button synchronizes the Bpm of the sample with that of the DAW session.

serato sample

Once a point is determined, simply press one of the pads. This pad will start playing the sample from the point selected according to the attack and release parameters for thesound envelope. It is also possible to determine the length of the sample assigned to the pad. Thus, thanks to the slice, the length is defined by moving the bottom arrow on the reference point.

serato sample

An air of pitch & time

The sample pitch (tone) setting takes up the notification camelot. This is a special feature of Serato sample, which allows you to harmonize samples quickly. This setting is very simple. In the upper part for the whole sample, in the lower part only for the selected pad.

serato sample

serato sample

The time stretch function allows you to stretch or shorten the length of the sample without changing the pitch. The time stretch modifies the whole sample or only the selected pad.

It is also possible to invert the playback direction per pad, which allows you to play some pads in reverse without inverting the whole sample.

Another option, called "favorite" keeps the selected pads from being deleted. A star appears on the favorite pad or pads.

serato sample

In the lower part the key with the keyboard allows with a single pad to play all the notes of several scales.

Automatic editing

This sampler includes 4 automatic sample editing modes:

  1. Key shift pad: The creation of 16 pads from the selected playback point, with a white note spread from A (in Latin note) or the A (for English notation)
  2. Set random: The creation of 16 pads in a random way (fully automatic)
  3. Set slicer : The creation of 16 pads with a predefined interval
  4. Find sample: The creation of 16 pads defined by the sampler according to the tone and velocity of the loaded sample (fully automatic)


Finally, Serato sample is a quick tool to learn, and very visual. Moreover, the camelot notation helps to harmonize samples in a song, to avoid harmonic dissonance.

The time stretch works well, since it is based on Serato's pitch & time. The latter is comparable to Ableton's warp, for functionality. In the video the limits are reached, but Serato sample remains stable, without lags or too important distortions of the sound.

All in all, this software is ideal for starting out in sampling. In addition, Serato sample will be very easy and fast to use for all hardware and software samplers.

Last detail

A small detail for Ableton-ers, loading Serato sample in a drum rack requires changing the output input to "all notes" for the pad where the sampler is loaded (see below)

ableton serato sample

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