online dj course

Online DJ course

Why not take online DJ lessons?

Online DJ courses, an advantage for many DJs.

If you're on this page, it's probably because you've already tried several methods, and aren't satisfied with the results. Here you'll find blogs, forums, Youtube videos and PDFs on Google, where you can find bits and pieces of information to help you improve your knowledge and practice.

Or perhaps with a private teacher, depending on your schedule and at a much higher cost. Not to mention DJ schools, where places are limited and, let's face it, exorbitantly expensive!

So why not take online DJ lessons ? In the most comfortable room possible: your home! With the equipment you're used to using. Using a control room costing thousands of euros during your classes, and practicing at home with your own (often very different) equipment, is not the right solution. What's more, many the benefits of online DJ training.

online dj course

What I'm proposing is that you learn professional DJ techniques based on your experience. It's a 5-step program to assimilate the whole DJ process and create a professional-quality result. As a result, you'll be able to take on any DJ rig, and feel comfortable mixing. What's more, you'll also be able to identify potential problems during your DJ mixing sessions.

Who am I?

You're probably wondering who I am, what I've done and what results my students have achieved. It's a legitimate question. First of all, I've been mixing since 1998, and I've mixed with many different types of equipment (vinyl, CD, PC, DJ controller) and under many different conditions.

Then I played in small venues, big venues, in the open air and in the studio. Then I started beat-making, and music production in general. As a composer since 2004, I only worked with hardware at the beginning, and now practically only with software. In conclusion, I've encountered a lot of problems, especially the first few times.

online dj course
dj en linge courses

What I'm doing today is sharing my experience of all these years of work. The members of my training courses get results fairly quickly, thanks to my method of demystifying DJ techniques and vocabulary. Reactive and attentive to the needs of my training members, I respond by comment, e-mail and telephone.

A different approach to teaching

These online DJ lessons solve geographical and time problems. It's a way for me to be everywhere, all the time. This is not possible in physics, as the number of students is always limited.

Please understand that the cost of one hour of private tuition is 2 months of online training. The only thing I can't do is take your hands and show you by example, otherwise the rest is possible.

The particularity of online DJ lessonsYou can invest a little money and save a lot of time. Or you can invest a lot more time, searching here and there for information lying around on the net.

dj en linge courses

Listen to

online dj course


online dj course


The choice is yours

Now you can join in and get fast, low-cost results. You can choose to learn DJ mixing, scratching or both. Scratch training is divided into two parts, as it's a very long learning process.

"The most important thing a DJ does is listen to music".

online dj course
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