online dj training

Online DJ training

Online DJ training

What are the differences between a DJ training called "normal" and a DJ training online ?

We will review the advantages and disadvantages of both types of training.

Some fields of activity cannot be taught at a distance, while others can easily be taught. This is the case for some sports, although today more and more sports courses are given online (e.g. golf or yoga).

So what about DJ training?

Except for not being able to "touch the student's hands" everything can be taught at a distance!

For all the theoretical part the DJ training online is similar to a classroom with a teacher passing slides or writing on the board. The teacher speaks and the students listen, just like in a real classroom.

In practice it is not much different since the teacher sets the example and the student reproduces the example.

In direct conference, the teacher will detect the student's errors. In the case of a deferred conference, the student can record himself (video or audio) and send it to the teacher for evaluation.

online dj training

online dj training

The advantages and disadvantages


The price (reduced costs, no dedicated equipment or premises)

Learning on your own equipment (as with a teacher at home, no frustration after learning on pro equipment)

No availability required (the beginning and end of the course is determined by the student, as well as the pace of learning)

Takes place from the most comfortable classroom (at home)

No one is behind you and you have to be self-motivated (depending on the person, this is an advantage or a disadvantage)

Adapting the training to the students' needs (the program evolves and is not fixed like a DJ school program)

Go back at any time (in school no room for delays on land)

No commitment


No one is behind you and you have to be self-motivated (depending on the person, this is an advantage or a disadvantage)

You are alone at work (being with people physically reinforces the group spirit)

Some people need to be "taken by the hand". and the less motivated will tend to let go more easily, will need an authority, someone to tell them "let's go".

online dj training

Who is the online DJ training for?

The DJ training online will require seriousness and regularity on the part of the student. There will be no fixed schedule, and no bell to ring at the beginning and end of the course.

In a school or with a private teacher, you will have to respect the schedules, the place, and other conditions (rules, etc). Online DJ training is an alternative to DJ schools and private lessons.

An ideal solution for provincials far from the big cities with a tight budget and a desire to learn without being bound by a scheduled timetable.

However, it is only through their motivation that the students will follow and apply the courses. So if you are motivated and want to learn to be a DJDJ training online is for you.

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