Scratch dj equipment guide

The Scratch DJ Equipment Guide

Which scratch DJ equipment should I choose?

The scratch DJ equipment, turntables, mixer, cell, crossfader, etc...

The choice of the set-up will be defined by the use you want to make of it, pure scratch or scratch mix, DVS or not and of course the budget.

For beginners, used equipment can be a solution for smaller prices. The price will not change by double after buying it, and it will be easy to resell.

In this guide you will find the detailed characteristics of the equipment. Prices for new or used equipment, links to the stores where they are sold.

Here is the guide to scratch DJ equipment

scratch dj equipment guide

To choose your Scratch DJ set-up.

  • Turntables

  • Mixers

  • Cells

  • The Crossfaders

  • Headsets

  • The DVS (Digital Vinyl System)

  • Budget by use

  • New or Used?

  • The evolution of my equipment

  • Conclusion

Because a DJ takes habits, the functions, the place of the buttons to trigger such or such effect, it is necessary to have good to not have to change the equipment every month.

Of course the budget will define the quality but today there are materials that allow you to scratch, without ruining yourself with the second hand for example.

The second hand is a solution with all that we can find. You can find very good deals for technics sl 1200 turntables for example made since the 70's and still running very well.

For example, in new buildings here Qbert scratch with DJ Tech! integrated innofader for clean cuts and longer life

scratch material

Don't forget that the important thing is to enjoy scratching, and that it should be fun above all.

"Every musician likes to have a good instrument!"

Good scratch!!!

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