how to find the tone keys

Harmonic mixing: KeyFinder

How to find the keys of tone?

Here is how to find the tone keys with the KeyFinder software.

For the harmonic mix we need to know the key of each of our pieces.

Getting started

First of all you will have to download and install the : KeyFinder

On the other hand, the notation is in English notes from A to G as opposed to the Latin notes from C to B.

Then go to the preferences of the software, for an easy reading of the keys.

Now at the bottom right you see the table "Custom key notation".

how to find the tone keys

This table is empty when KeyFinder is installed and must be filled in manually.

The detected keys will be converted with the "camelot" notation after completing this table.

Thus, these keys become numbers from 1 to 12 associated with a letter A or B.

Under these conditions the reading becomes simple with the camelot wheel, for the harmonic mix.

File analysis

First of all, we have to choose the writing mode in the library.

Simply drag and drop a file or a folder of files.

Or with compatible software libraries, such as i-tunes, Serato or Traktor.

However, the location setting of the libraries is to be indicated in the preferences.

In conclusion, this last method is a quick way to : "how to find the keys of tone".

Also other features are available in the preferences.

In particular, parallel batch jobs will increase the speed of analysis.

In addition, the maximum length of the audio file to be analyzed must be set.

And also the rewriting of already analyzed files and the location of the tag to be written.

Because if the location "Key" is predefined, it is possible to write the tag in another place.

For example in the artist or comment tag, which can be useful to make comparisons between software, for harmonic key analysis.


Finally, here is a comparative table of the reliability of these tone key analysis software. Mixed In Key is the best performing and offers more features like automatic cue points. For more compatibility in the harmonic mix look at the new key wheel.

Harmonic mix

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