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The Harmonic Mix: The New Key Wheel

To begin, a little reminder about the harmonic mix and the camelot key wheel. This wheel allows us to choose 4 pieces for thechain with the current one. For example, to mix a song with a 2A key we choose a song with the same 2A key.

Or we can switch to 1A or 3A, as well as with a piece in major on key 2B. But isn't it possible to choose other keys, while remaining harmonically tuned? This is what we will see in this article.

harmonic mixing
harmonic key wheel

The new wheel

The new wheel is based on the camelot wheel in the green and blue parts. The operation is exactly the same. However you have noticed a new crown on the outside and another one on the inside.

It shows us other keys that are compatible with a title of a given key.

Let's take the same example with our piece in 2A. Now following the new wheel, key 5B is next to key 2A going towards the center. Conversely, key 11A is next to key 2B going outward. In reality all these keys, 2A, 1A, 3A, 2B, 5B, and 11A are harmonically compatible. In these conditions we have 2 additional keys, which makes 6 keys by following the wheel.

harmonic key wheel

The harmonic mix with the help of the key wheel, is made easier. For example without this wheel we would have to determine the root note of a predominant chord in a song. Then also know the mode of the chord, either major or minor.

Things to remember

Obviously the harmonic mix is not about having a sheet of paper in your hand, looking at whether this or that piece is compatible.

What to remember about this new wheel: for the inner crown (in pink) we add 3 to go to major mode, in the example 2A to go to 5B. Conversely with the outer crown we remove 3 while remaining in the minor mode, in the example 2A to go to 11A. Thus, with a 7A key add 3 which gives 10B or remove 3 which gives 4A.

It's a kind of rule of 3. +3 goes in major, -3 stays in minor. The 2 new crowns are the same as the 2 previous ones with a new orientation. -90° for the inside, +90° for the outside, notice that these 2 crowns are exactly opposite.


Finally you have less constraint because you have more possibilities to choose songs in the harmonic mix. Of course, analyze your tracks carefully. Use software dedicated to this function because DJ software is not efficient in this function. Find the techniques of harmonic mix in the training Mix DJ Class.

A small like to download the new harmonic wheel !

Download the new harmonic wheel

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