beginner dj training

Beginner DJ training

DJ training for beginners

To become a DJ there are several solutions to train, the DJ training to progress quickly with the help of an experienced person.

The DJ training in school :

Surrounded by students, it is in a fairly academic environment that you learn. A teacher gives the lessons and the rhythm, a very good way to learn. It is necessary to be assiduous because the courses do not wait, there are other students to train. The teacher available to all questions will meet the expectations of students during training. And it is on material and professional software This is both an advantage and a disadvantage. This is an advantage as well as a disadvantage, because once back home, it can be frustrating not to reproduce exactly the techniques studied in class. A Pioneer system for example (2 CD-J 2000 and a DJM 900) costs more than 5000€. So needless to say that when you come back to your little usb controller...

The DJ school training is very strict, missed classes are not recoverable.

But it is often the price and the locality that will be a brake for the entrance in these schools.

Because they are located in big cities, it will be difficult for all those who live in the provinces to get trained in these schools. And then the cost of course, the price of the schools being very high.

beginner dj training

The DJ training with a private teacher:

This solution will be for those who want to train with their own equipment. Ideal because the courses take place at your home or at the home of the person who gives the courses. Perfect for those who live far from the big cities. Even more available, the private teacher will be alone with you and will be able to develop according to your knowledge and experience. You will have to make an appointment and communicate the number of hours of lessons, it is you who chooses. The tutor will take into account your learning pace and will not be bound to a well-defined program. This solution is much less costly than going to a DJ school and is suitable for those who can adjust their schedule. And yes, because this teacher cannot be everywhere at once.

beginner dj training

The DJ training online :

With the development of the web, today it is possible to train professionally through computer tools. Many companies train their employees in this way.

The online training offers many advantages, for the price and for the learning pace.

As with a private teacher, you will not need to go to a fixed location. You will define your learning pace according to your availability and not that of the teacher. You will learn with your own material and will be able to communicate your results via the available supports. You (depending on your experience) will choose your classes, and work the time you want. You will always be in contact with your teacher with modern communication means and you will be able to exchange with other learners, on forums or in video exchange. This solution is for anyone who already has some DJ equipment and want to be in control of their learning. Now the price, which is very affordable because the costs are much lower. Your results will depend on your motivation.

beginner dj training

Or with an acquaintance of yours:

An acquaintance who is willing to help you may be a solution. It is on its pedagogy and its professionalism that it will be necessary to count. It is a free solution, which can help you. It will certainly be more of a support than a real trainingand learn some "tricks". You can even find tips on the internet by searching alone, but it will take a lot of time to find them.


You will choose the DJ training that suits you best, according to your criteria, your availability and especially your budget.

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