dj pre-listening

DJ pre-listening

DJ pre-listening

The pre-listening dj is an important step in a DJ's mix. Moreover, it is this step that will determine the quality of the mix. It's like doing the mix before it is heard in the master track. There are several ways to use the pre-listening depending on the mixer and the environment where you mix. We will see the different methods of DJ pre-listening.

dj pre-listening

Method n°1

First, simple listening to the track of the next song: This method consists simply in listening in the headphones only to the next song. To do this, you simply select the track to be listened to and compare it to the one that is already in progress. It is thus with only one ear that this pre-listening is carried out since the other ear listens to the master via the speakers (return speakers or not)

Method n°2

Then listening to the next track and the master simultaneously: Thanks to the headphone listening selector (master or cue), we can choose to listen to both audio sources at the same time. This method is the headphone mixThis is ideal when the feedback is off or the sound is badly adjusted and it is impossible to make a good sound comparison (EQ). It is with the headset on both ears that this pre-listening is done.

Method n°3

Finally, listening with the split cue, which allows you to have the pre-listening from one ear and the master from the other. For that the listening selector (master or cue) must be in the middle to have the two sources at the same level. This is the first method but with the headphones on both ears thanks to the split cue function. Note that not all mixers have this function.

To summarize, we will choose the pre-listening method according to the environment and the mixing equipment. Also the use of a closed helmet will be essential for mixing with large sound systems. Thus a headphone of this type will allow us to hear only the pre-listening.

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