headphone mixer

Why should a DJ know how to mix with headphones?

Mixing with headphones and without speakers? But why?

Did you say headphone mixer? Without speakers? Why would you do that?

The answer to this question is simply that if the feedback is not reliable, the feedback to the helmet is always good.

Here are the most common return problems :

  • The return is not strong enough and does not cover the general sound
  • The return does not reflect the sound in frequency well
  • The return speaker is too far away
  • The return sound is late (latency)
  • There is no return

So why is it that headphone mixer as if there were no return?

When we mix, sometimes the feedback is not strong enough or badly adjusted or even non-existent!

"I spent evenings mixing with the feedback that had latency (a few milliseconds delay) and as a result I felt like I couldn't mix anymore"

This is often the case during improvised parties or when the place is not adapted.

Mixing with headphones allows you to mix well all the same, with a not so good return or no return.

This will only be possible with a good closed helmetwhich can cut us off from the general atmosphere.

Of course, we won't spend the evening with our headphones on.

It's not about spending your evening alone mixing in your headphones!

headphone mixer
headphone mixer

To do this, you have to cut yourself off from your surroundings and concentrate on mixing in your headphones to adjust the pre-listening and mastering.

So headphones or in-ear monitors, the important thing is to be well isolated from the surrounding noise.

Depending on your preferences and the material

Depending on the mixer, it will be possible to mix the two sources in the headphones on both ears, or to select the master on the left or on the right and make the mix in pre-listening as with a real monitor.

headphone mixer
headphone mixer

This function called split or split cue is on a good number of mixers.

Of course it will be just the time to make his adjustment and to come back with his public.

Then, except in case of a big sound delay, we will normally mix once the next piece has been sent.


Finally, whether you are mixing in your headphones at home, or in a place with 10k sound, the result is the same as long as you use good headphones.

In the end, it's not the most pleasant way to mix, but it's the solution to not have any problems to mix well.

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