techniques for better mixing

Technique for better mixing

A technique for better mixing

Here is a technique for better mixing and that will improve your mixes.

The beginning of DJ mixing is often quite laborious, and this is quite normal. So how can you improve your mixes when you're just starting out or when you've been trying for a while?

So if training is one method, this is another.

It is about the recording of his mixes, and more precisely about the different ways to listen to his recordings. So by listening to your DJ mixes in different ways, it will be easier to determine if some sequences are not well done. Also gain settings, which at the time of the mix seem to be good, can be readjusted for the next session. In the same way, harmonic dissonances are sometimes revealed after the mix has been created. The recording methods proposed in the Mix DJ ClassThese are the tools to apply this technique for better mixing. Then, listening to your recordings during other activities is the solution.

For example, you could:

  • Listen to your mixes on headphones
  • Listen to your mixes in the car
  • Listen to them while playing sports
  • Or when you have friends over

As you listen to the different tracks, you will realize how useful they are. Because the first listening, the headphone listening, is an active listening while the others are passive listening.

techniques for better mixing

You will notice that the different listenings allow you to improve your mixing for the next sets you will make.

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