learn to mix on controller

Learn to mix on a controller

Learn to mix on a controller

For learn to mix on controller after installing the DJ software. A small controller and Serato DJ Lite that is free of charge can be sufficient to learn to mix on controller.


The connection is very simple. Simply plug the usb cable into a usb port on the computer. As the sound card is integrated in the controller, you just have to connect the RCA plugs to an amplifier. You can also connect it to amplified speakers. Then connect your headphones with a 6.35 or 3.5 mm jack.

Also, you'll need to choose headphones if you don't have any. While closed-back headphones are ideal, in-ear headphones may do the trick.


Although this controller is an entry-level controller, we can mix well with it. It is also possible to scratch with this model of controller! And real scratch for the blow (see the article).


Indeed, the main functions are present. However, the adjustment of the gain per channel is missing. The setting must be done in the software. A maneuver that does not facilitate the mix for a beginner.

learn to mix on controller

It is true that DJ software analyzes audio files. But the automatic gain setting is very random.

The jog manipulation is a "must" to get the tempo right. This makes it easier to DJ on this controller is the length of the pitch. This makes it more precise and learning to mix becomes easier.

Visit the DJ equipment guideif you have not yet chosen your DJ equipment.


Finally, learn to mix on controller is not much different from a CD or vinyl mix. It's a simple, all-in-one, low-budget solution. Ideal to get an idea of the DJ mix.

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