the dj mix equipment guide

The DJ Mix Equipment Guide

This is the guide to DJ mixing equipment. A 300-page guide to decks, mixers, controllers, DJ software, digital effects, headphones and speakers.

Everything you need to mix the right way.

To begin with there are a few questions to ask:

CD or vinyl decks first?

Then turntables and mixer or controller?

But there is also with a computer?

Finally, how much does it cost to produce a good mix?

To answer these questions, you should know that the choice of DJ equipment depends on the DJ's preferences and budget.

Also the DJ mix equipment guide is intended to help you according to your budget and preferences to make your choice.

To choose your DJ mix set-up

  • Vinyl turntables
  • CD Decks
  • Mixing desks
  • The controllers
  • Mixing software
  • The helmets
  • External effects
  • Studio speakers
  • Sound system speakers
  • The summary
the dj mix equipment guide

You will find the characteristics, the years of manufacture, the new and used prices, the manufacturer links and advice according to the application and the level.

In fact, depending on your level, you will choose a simpler material so as not to be too lost with too many functions.

However, the mastery of the number of functions will come with the level of learning.

Conclusion, a person who does not know how to mix and is in the process oflearn the mix will need simple and easy to use equipment.

Consequently, the use of a simple material will give more the desire to continue, because the complexity can be a brake to a good learning for a beginner.

Nevertheless, DJs who want to change their equipment will find information here, and that's also why I wrote the DJ mix equipment guide.

Find the scratch DJ equipment guide if you are looking for scratch gear.

Enjoy your reading.

For more information on DJ equipment visit the category Dj equipment.

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