flip pitch play

Serato DJ Pro Flip Pitch play

Serato DJ Pro Flip Pitch play

The features Flip Pitch Playone official and the other not. The function Flip is an extension of Serato DJ Prowhich was already featured in earlier versions of Serato DJ. The Flip is the recording of the cue points, in the order and at the speed we play them.

The function Pitch play is not a function Serato DJ Probut a mixture between Pitch & Time which is an extension Serato DJ Pro and an edition MIDI.

flip pitch play

First of all let's start with the Flip.

The Flip works with cue points, and we can use the Flip in several ways. After installing the button Flipappears in the upper left corner next to the FX. Finally press it, so that the panel opens and the six function buttons of the Flipare accessible. Recording, playing the recorded Flip, activating the Fliplooping and saving of the Flip which has just been created. The last one called "align loop" is for the last point to close the loop because it is not a cue point.

Then, we can create a reorganization of a piece, a new flow, for example playing the outro at the very beginning of the piece.

Or manually replay very small parts of the rhythm or melody. The recording of the Flip takes into account the cue points played, the order of these points and the distance between the points, thus the rhythm. This rhythm is independent of the rhythm of the song loaded on the virtual turntable.

After that, let's move on to the pitch play.

On this point, the Pitch play will allow us to play a melody with a cue point and an associated tone. So a single MIDI key will activate a cue point and the "note" with the semitones that we can set with the Pitch & Time. Depending on the controller used and the number of keys we can play from a few notes to two full scales.

Indeed, the Pitch & Time maintains the key with a modified pitch, and conversely changes the key without modifying the pitch (speed). Thus the key adjustment is made from -12 to +12 which is 24 notes equivalent to two scales. A scale is seven whites and five quarter notes, so 12 notes. To play a scale we need 12 keys in MIDI. We can play C, C#, D, D#, E, Fb, F, G, G#, A, A#, B.

Understand that it is indeed the MIDI mapping that allows the Pitch play possible. By activating the same cue point with multiple controller keys.

In summary.

Finally with only two virtual decks, we can play a rhythm and a melody. The Flip Pitch Play is a method often used in championship to introduce the next song. However, a MIDI keyboard is ideal for the Pitch play and play the sound of the cue point as with a sampler.

Whatever the controller used, editing a MIDI file will be necessary.

In conclusion, Serato DJ Pro offers a lot of possibilities, and allows a DJ to develop his set and create custom mixes.

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