one hand phasing scratch

One hand phasing scratch

Here is how to do the one hand phasing scratch and what it can be useful for.

The one hand phasing allows you to add a silence as if you were making a crossfader cut.

It is a faderless technique so without a crossfader, it's just a movement of the vinyl.

one hand phasing scratch

one hand phasing scratch

This technique is achieved by marking rapid pauses on the front or back of a sound. These pauses are used to produce a silence that simulates a crossfader click.

This technique is more difficult to do on the back movement because you have to try to keep a similar tempo to the front part.

You can use your thumb to create the breaks on the way out (on the outside of the disc).
In this example a pause on the way in and out is performed as a one click flare.

This scratch technique is used in combinations to vary. So a pause creates a silence like a click flare but the sound result is different.

Like many scratching techniquesthe One hand phasing requires flexibility.

The release of the vinyl is important because the nominal speed (33 rpm) must resume as soon as possible.

Using a direct drive turntable is essential, as the pause will slow down the platter of a belt drive turntable.

The practice

Taking long enough samplesIt is very long to have time to introduce the break.

As the hand does not lift off the disc, it is possible to slow down the speed to extend the length of the sample if necessary.

There is no real time limit for this technique, only the fact of pausing creates the One hand phasing.

The graph is for information only, to visualize the technique.

Use the audio files to reproduce the examples and get the same sound result.

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