tears scratch

Tears scratch

How to make the tears scratch?

The Tears scratch is a faderless technique, so without using the crossfader.

It is a derivative of the One hand phasing because it is done in two steps.

tears scratch

tears scratch

The Tears scratch consists in making one or more stops (very short, practically inaudible) on a return trip, while modifying the amplitude and therefore the tone of the sound.
In this example the sound will be low and then higher on the way out, and vice versa on the way back.
The reverse model can be performed (high, low on the way out then low, high on the way back)

Thus, as the hand does not take off the vinyl, it is with the force applied that the tone will change.

It is the change in amplitude that creates the number of sounds.

In the graph we can see two different amplitudes in the outward direction, which creates two sounds.

Then two amplitudes on the return, which now gives four sounds.

This scratching technique allows you to literally modify a sample, so that it can be difficult to recognize the original sound.

The practice

If you are new to this type of scratch techniqueuse long samples.

Horn sounds are ideal.

Start with the sample right at the beginning and work your way through the vinyl in the normal direction.

It is up to you to choose the speed at which you spin the disc, which will determine the tone of the sound produced.

Remember that your hand stays on the vinyl on the way in and on the way out!

The difficulty is to reproduce the same tones, therefore to "push" or "pull" the vinyl with the same force.

The fact of using the left or right hand does not change the Tears scratch.

The graph represents the Tears scratch for information only, and the number of times does not have to be respected.

Use the audio files and reproduce the technique to get a similar sound.

Good scratch.

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