scribble scratch

Scribble scratch

The Scribble Scratch

Some explanations to make the scratch scribble

The scribble scratch is a baby scratch (back and forth movement) but done at very high speed.

Because of the speed, the sound that is produced is like a tremor.

To create this tremor it is the biceps, like a spasm, that performs this movement and not the arm.

scribble scratch

scribble scratch

It is in fact a faster uzi. Crossfader openings and closings can be added as well as tone changes (amplitude) for more diversity.

This is a technique that will challenge your cell diamond because they are very short and repetitive movements. Faderless scratch techniquewhich requires both speed and flexibility.

Avoid skip-proofs, so as not to blow the groove diamond on the vinyl. Skip-proof vinyls are ideal for practicing the scribble scratch or the use of a DVS (Digital Vinyl System).

It is with this kind of technique that we can determine if the setting of the turntable is correct or not.

The weight applied to the cell as well as the adjustment of the height of the arm of the plate are important.

The anti-skating setting is also important to avoid diamond jumps.

The practice

The choice of the sample does not matter to practice the Scribble scratchsince the movement is as short as possible.

The best results are obtained with the middle finger alone on the vinyl.

Raise the other fingers and hand so that from the biceps to the tip of the middle finger it is as stiff as possible.

You have to feel tense, tense, to make the vinyl vibrate and get the Scribble scratch.

This scratch technique requires a little practice. You will get that typical Scribbleafter a little practice.

Good scratch.

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