baby scratch

Baby Scratch

How to do the Baby Scratch?

Some explanations to make the Baby scratch.

To begin, first choose the hand you are most comfortable handling the vinyl with.

Then, move back and forth, trying to keep the same speed on the way in and out.

Then try to do these movements in rhythm with the music.

Note that this scratch technique is one of the first to learn and one of the easiest.

baby scratch

baby scratch

It is with the title Rockit d'herbie hancock that the first baby scratch was heard by the general public.

This track is still a reference in scratch music. All the scratch Djs know this track.

It is Grand Mixer DXT who was with his turntable making these sounds that nobody had ever heard.

To conclude, here is the video with DXT on this title from 1984. The clip of herbie hancock rockit.

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    1 thought on “Baby Scratch

    1. It's very clean and your videos are very well detailed from theory to practice. And it's your video that got me into scratching because no one scratched on my side and I had no one to see and learn the techniques except for the babyscrach but for the rest it's really nice.

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