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Serato DJ Pro

Serato DJ Pro

February 26, 2018 Serato announces that. Serato DJ becomes Serato DJ Pro. The last version of Serato DJ before the Pro version was 1.9.10. This version of Serato DJ Pro was already in beta version for some time. So what are the real changes?

The biggest change

The first and biggest change is the built-in mixer that everyone was waiting for, now it's here. Compared to the previous versions, no need to connect the sound cardnor an external mixer to hear the result of the assembly of two pieces!

So with the mode without sound card, two buttons in the upper left corner allow to switch from one mode to another. A single player mode called 1 (display as for the previous versions) and a double player mode called 2.

serato dj pro

Now by pressing button 2, the second player appears. And two faders superimposed on the meter for each channel and a crossfader. Unlike the old version, the functions that were only present in the connected sound card mode are now available with this button 2. Also pitch, pitch bend, key-lock, pitch & time and synchronization are active functions in this mode. Therefore we can mix with Serato DJ Pro anywhere, simply with our computer!

Adaptation to the hardware

The second important point concerns cue points.

Because more and more DJs are using controllers, Serato DJ Pro offers a new display of the cue points.

From now on the 8 cue points are arranged on 2 horizontal lines, whereas on the previous version the 2 lines were vertical. This change is the result of using the controller with pads on 2 horizontal lines.

In addition, the display is positioned like the pads for faster reading. It is nevertheless possible to switch from one display to the other in the parameters with the option "performance marker layout".

The display

The third improvement is the introduction of a high-resolution display for optimal performance on large screens and Retina displays. The color of the logo changes from black to blue, and the Pro behind Serato DJ will stand out to those who are used to using Serato.

In summary

In conclusion, Serato is responding to the demands of its users by integrating a mixer with Serato DJ Pro. Compared to Traktor, Virtual DJ and Rekordbox, this was one of the biggest differences. As a result, now it will be possible to test your loops and cue point positioning without connecting Serato hardware.

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