dj equipment for beginners

Beginner DJ equipment

Beginner DJ equipment

If you are at your first mix dj routine, you are certainly using "beginner DJ material"..

Or maybe you're just looking at the best before making your choice.

The choice is difficult with the large number of references. There is something for every taste, and especially for every price and quality. Between brands, features, sound and reliability, how not to make a bad purchase?

In general the purchase of beginner DJ equipment is based on the price/utility ratio that will be favored, because often the beginner DJ equipmentis not used very long. Either it becomes an object of decoration, or it has reached its limits and it needs a material which follows the evolution of the DJ.

The idea

To begin with, having an idea before you buy is the best way to make a good choice. Knowing if the DJ mixing is really going to please you or if it's to do like DJ thing much. Otherwise there are games on console with controllers! ( I already tried on playstation).

The best thing is to try it out at someone's house, so that you have time to practice a little bit. There are several configurations of beginner DJ equipment and they are first of all linked to the price!

The price of DJ equipment is high, so be careful before buying. The risk is to get a material that does not provide the DJ sensations and to quickly give up.

How to choose ?

As with all materials, there are some good ones and some disposable ones, really. So how to choose a good one dj equipment for beginners ?

The DJ equipment will depend on whether or not you choose to use your computer (I'm assuming by reading this that you have one).

That's one less purchase to make since you already own a computer.

Because the use of a computer more controller is the least expensive solution. Everything happens in thecomputer and the controller order the software.

The prices of the new are very affordable for DJ equipmentIf we stay on the beginner DJ equipmentThere are high-end controllers where the prices are not beginner for the blow.


Let's see some examples of beginner DJ controller :

Numark Mixtrack pro 3

dj equipment for beginners

The Numark controller and Serato DJ intro, plug & play. Prices range from 189 to 229 €.

This model is the minimum to have to mix correctly.

One will note all the same the lack of the gain control on the two channels.

Reloop Beatmix 2 MK2

dj equipment for beginners

The Reloop controller and Serato DJ intro, plug & play. Prices range from 199 to 239 €.

Pioneer DDJ-SB 2

dj equipment for beginners

The Pioneer controller and Serato DJ intro, plug & play. The price is 251 €.

Native Instruments Traktor S2 MK3

dj equipment for beginners

Native Instrument controller and Traktor Pro 3 software, plug & play. The price is 289 €.

Roland DJ-505

dj equipment for beginners

2 channel controller with Serato intro software, plug & play. It allows to control the four decks of Serato. The price is 619 €.

These controllers accompanied by their software are perfect for startThey are easy to connect. A USB cable is all you need for the connection.

Quite easy to use and ideal when you don't know how to mixwith the synchronization help to start with.

So for startIf your choice is based on CD or vinyl decks the cost will be higher, and so will the feeling.

In terms of feeling, the ideal is to have had the opportunity to try different configurations to make your own idea. It's all a matter of feeling. It's a bit like Windows and Mac!

Finally, if you are still unsure about your next set-up, check out theDJ mix equipment. He will be able to advise you on the beginner DJ equipment and second hand.

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